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    • What are we Wearing this month?

      August 31, 2010
    • Theresia M Harriet Wedge £99 Picture of me wearing my lovely Theresia M Harriet Wedge shoes in Black Suede….simply gorgeous! The shoes, not me!! More about the shoe I really can’t speak highly enough about these shoes or the Theresia M Brand. Designed for comfort and style in equal measure, Theresia M really have started […]

    • Excersises to help with Metatarsalagia Pain

      August 24, 2010
    • Metatarsalagia Exercises I came across these exercises on a webiste called whilst looking at news items that our customers, you, may be interested in. Though I am no way a medical expert, and I cannot testify to the medical proof that these will work for you, I thought that it might be something that […]

    • Flip Flops injure 200,000 a year costing the NHS £20 million

      August 2, 2010
    • Daily Mail report that Flip Flops are no good for your feet! Well, no surprise there then! For those of you who haven’t had a chance to read the piece in the Daily Mail by Sophie Borland last week, let me summarise for you. Flip Flops cost NHS around £40 million a year This is […]