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    • What a relief, the PMs Wife has Problem Feet too!

      April 20, 2010
    • Who among us wouldn’t feel a certain amount of sympathy for Sarah Brown as she revealed something apparently far more important than her husbands Manifesto, yes I am talking about her feet that were on display at a Hindu Temple over the weekend. The poor woman was merely showing respect for the religious beliefs of […]

    • It's time for a Pedicure ladies!

      April 14, 2010
    • Well that’s it, the sun is out and we have just got back from a lovely break in Castle Douglas having worn our Mephisto Helen Sandals for the first time this year. The only thing that spoiled this momentous occasion was the state of my pale and neglected feet. So, the pedicure is now booked […]

    • Victoria Beckham should try Mephisto Sandals for her Bunions

      March 23, 2010
    • I wonder if  VB has found the Mephisto sandal range yet? She has been pictured recently wearing flip-flops (apparently as a more comfortable option for her bunions). However, most medical experts would warn of the potential result in joint pain, shin splints and twisted ankles that prolonged wearing of flip-flops can cause. Now, according to […]

    • Shoes for Orthotics that are all about style

      March 16, 2010
    • As hard as it may be to believe, there are shoe manufacturers who place comfort and style at the centre of their design philosphy.  At CheerfulSoles we think that it is our job to bring you comfortable and stylish shoes that meet the needs of  a growing majority of Orthotic wearers who don’t want to […]

    • NEW! Alegria Shoes in stock

      March 4, 2010
    • New! Alegria Shoe styles available to buy online at CheerfulSoles. Great shoes for orthotics, arch pain, heel pain and other problem foot conditions.

    • Are your feet in Harmony with your hormones?

      February 25, 2010
    • A new trainer from Asics claims to be in touch with a womens monthly cycle! When we read about this we simply had to tell you about it. Designers have come up with a running shoe for women which adapts the arch shape to suit their hormone levels. The trainers capitalise on research showing that […]

    • Shoes for Problem Feet!

      February 17, 2010
    • NEW! Shoe categories for problem feet. We have added a new category on our site, Shoes for Problem Feet . Here you can go straight to shoes and sandals that are suitable for orthotics and a selection of the most common foot conditions. We want to make our site as user friendly as possible so […]