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Waldlaufer produce Wider Fitting Shoes that look stylish and are extremely comfortable.…Read More


Waldluafer Shoes, the Pefect Choice for Comfort

Waldlaufer shoes from Cheerful Soles are well tailored, stylish and meet many of the specific and various needs of our customers.

Waldlaufer make practical but stylish shoes and boots using the best quality leather making them soft and breathable and their quality manufacturing process ensures that shoes of the best quality and optimum comfort are produced. If you are looking for comfortable shoes that look good and feel great then look no furtherWaldlaufer comfort shoes have design options for the more mature customer who is young at heart. We find that once oue customers find Waldlaufer then they prefer to stay with this brand due to the quality, soft leathers and all round comfort.

Quality Manufacturing Process

The name Waldlaufer has stood for the highest quality shoemaking for several decades. The perfect handcrafted finishing and meticulous precision in the individual production stages that we have require a high level of dedication and commitment. Alongside the highest quality manufacturing, the choice of material must also be right. They use only the best quality leathers, and leave these as natural as possible so they remain soft and breathable. Leather lining and an especially narrow heel fit are standard features with all of their shoes. Close this Article

Removable Inlays

All Waldlaufer footwear from Cheerful soles have an air cushioned sole. The footbeds are all removable and therefore all waldlaufer products from Cheerful soles are suitable for orthopaedic inlays. The removable inlays can be fine tuned by our customers to meet their individual requirements. They are leather covered and matched to the respective shoe style. Cheerful Soles customers can benefit from thick cork footbeds with orthopaedic features as well as their renowned pro active footbed with massaging and relaxing characteristics.Close this Article

Styles that Flatter Wider Feet

While many companies make shoes in different widths, Waldlaufer design footwear to look good on specific types of feet. Because there are shoes that flatter a wider foot but would be less attractive on a narrow foot, and vice-versa, every Waldlaufer style is designed with a particular foot in mind. Almost all Waldlaufer style names begin with the letter for the corresponding European width, so it’s easy to understand how each is designed to fit. For example our Harriet Loafer is a German“H” width, which fits like a UK E/EE and is wide. Close this Article

More about the Company

In 1960, Gunter Bauer founded the Lugina shoe factory. The choice of the brand name Waldlaufer, or “Forest Walker”, was spawned from his passion for the outdoors and nature. In 1986, his son Wilhehad Bauer took over the management of the company and soon recognized that there was further potential for the Waldlaufer brand within the comfort shoe sector. Because of his dedication and vision, Waldlaufer is now one of the leading names on the market for comfort shoes with rising sales figures and daily production currently lying at 5000 pairs of shoes. Besides it’s European and American business, the company supplies markets in Canada, China, Scandinavia, Australia, Israel, and Kuwait. Close this Article

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