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About Joya Shoes

Please Note - Due to trade licenses and agreements, we are unable to process orders we receive for Joya footwear from customers who do not reside within the UK or Ireland.

The concept behind Joya shoes comes from the simple premise that Human Beings are not designed to walk around all day on hard surfaces. Most high street shoes simply do not allow the foot to function in the way that it's supposed to in order to support and stabalise our muscle system. A consequence of this can lead to problems with our Locomotor System (the bones and muscles we use to move every day). Put simply - much of the everyday back ache we experience can be caused by the shoes we wear on our feet.

Who is behind Joya Shoes

Joya operate from the lovely municipality of Roggwil, by Lake Constance in Switzerland. The creativity and design force behind Joya are Karl Müller and Claudio Minder. Karl Müller comes from the same pioneering footwear family who gave us Masai barefoot technology which revolutionised the shoe market. Claudio Minder has developed his reputation in the Swiss media as presenter and media expert.Together, their aim is clear, "We want to give our customers a shoe that sets new standards in the comfort sector when it comes to walking sensation and health benefits."

Soft supple surfaces take the stress off your Locomotor System

The positive effects of a soft springy surface when walking on our joints and muscles is a widely researched, applied and discussed principle in the medical world. Joya have developed a sole system which uses this principle to produce a soft and supple sole which helps distruibute the load on your feet more evenly as you walk and stand. The result is that when your heel strikes the soft Joya sole as you walk, your feet make tiny movements which in turn activate muscles that surround the joints in your feet, hips and back. The soft polyurethane sole provides fantastic shock absorbtion - helping to alleviate the pressure on your back whilst you walk and stand. Because your feet are constantly making these tiny adjustments when wearing Joya Shoes, this encourages better posture as your body naturally adjusts distribute the load on your feet more evenly.

Here is a selection of our Joya Shoes:


The Technology

Joya Technology Overview


Joya Shoe Fitting Advice

The table below shows you what you can expect in terms of width and fit from a Joya style. Please use this information with specific buying advice tips that we also include in our product descriptions. Please don't hesitate to ring or email if you have any specific questions about how a Joya style might fit you.

Joya Shoe Last Summary Page



Joya Sole Categories

Walk Actively with joya Shoes Experience the Joy of Walking with Joya Emotion Shoes

Joya have developed their Walk Actively sole to enable ‘active’ walking and standing. The comfortable soft sole technology is combined with a muscle-activating midfoot-roller, or "activator".

The combination of these two technologies helps to enable a natural movement process in your feet while you walk and stand – creating an active body posture. 

To combat the everyday pressures from walking around on flat surfaces, Joya have developed their Emotion sole unit. The soft, elastic Joya sole absorbs every impact, helping to alleviate the pressures on your joints and back from everyday walking

With stylish designs for Men and Women, the Joya Emotion range will supply all day comfort for your feet at work, home or play.



Joya Sizing Guide

Joya Size Guide




The effects of wearing Joya Shoes

Joya state that the biomechanical impact of the Joya shoes is mainly focused on 3 effects:

1. Natural, active muscular rolling movement via outside of the foot

The natural active effect of Joya Shoes Diagram


2. Active pelvis movement due to the foot sinking when you put down your heel

Active Pelvis Movement Diagram


3. Gentle effect thanks to the softness of the sole

Gentle Effect of Joya Shoes diagram


 Joya Shoes are certified and recommended by Health Professionals

Joya Shoes are certified & recommended by German medical association AGR (Campaign for Healthier Backs). Made up of expert health professionals who research how to avoid back pain. They employ stringent tests before awarding their seal of approval. Click on their logo below to find out more.

agr logo for Joya Shoes



Try our Joya sandals

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