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Alegria Sandals

Alegria Sandals


Are you fed up of aching feet from wearing sandals that have no support or cushioning? Yes, they may look nice but we have become a nation of croc wearing flip flop wearers who ought to know better! If you're ready to give your feet a break and are looking for a stylish comfortable ladies sandal, then Alegria Sandals are the right choice for you. Firstly, Cheerful Soles is the only UK retailer who is currently importing these Alegria Sandals - so you won't see everyone else wearing them. Secondly, the mild rocker sole and anatomic footbed combine to provice all day comfort and will help to relieve pressure on tired joints and aching backs throughout the day.

Cheerful Soles customers come back time and time again for the individual and quirky styling from Alegria Sandals. Feel your feet sink into the the supportive cork and memory foam interlocking footbed which will mould to the natural shape of your feet. Experience superior arch support from the patented comfort footbed and take the stress out of everyday standing and walking.

Here is a selection of our Alegria Sandals:

Alegria have designed a range of comfortable sandals that will appeal to all kinds of fashion conscious women. From the professional range with stain resistent wipeable leather uppers and anti-slip rubber soles to Alegrias stylish sandal range - you will be sure to find something that works for you.

We'll be honest - we call Alegria Sandals and shoes our Marmite range - as you either instantly love the chunky bright styling or you hate it. Lots of you love it however, judging by the loyal and growing customer base at Cheerful Soles. many of out customers wear no other brand of shoes other than Alegria any more.