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    • Mephisto Sandals – What are We Wearing

      May 31, 2011
    • Mephisto Sandals, Hatty in Silver

      Please tell be if you are getting board of me telling you how great Mephisto Shoes are, however it’s time for another review on the shoes that we are wearing in the shop and I am afraid that once again my choice for May has been another Mephisto Shoe, the Mephisto Hatty Sandal (in spite of […]

    • Mephisto Sandals, Simply the Best!

      May 11, 2011
    • Mephisto Dessie

      We are loving our Mephisto Sandals! It’s no surprise that Mephisto shoe customers are loyal consumers of this remarkable footwear. Mephisto’s shock absorbing technologies and stylish fashions are unsurpassed in the footwear industry. Mephisto’s credo is “Tired Feet, Never Again,” and they stand by that statement. As a result, customers return time and time again […]