Alegria Paloma in Copacetic (Summer 2020)

Best Selling Mary Jane EVER!

We've been selling Alegria Shoes online in the UK now for over 10 years and the brand has come a long way since 2010. One thing that has remained constant (if a little improved) is the best selling Alegria Paloma. Customers love the bright colours, unbelievable comfort, arch support from the memory foam and cork foot bed and last but not least - the mild forward rocker sole. You can read a review on the Alegria Paloma in this IndyBest review by the Independent Newspaper about the best orthopaedic shoes. Just note that the price is now £119 for the shoe they reviewed.

Alegria Colour Therapy

The name is no coincidence. Alegria means Happy and the brands strap line is, 'This is What Happy Looks Like'. Alegria Shoes have worked hard to develop their leathers to reflect this and their use of metallic mosaics and bright colours will bring a smile to your face and a spring in your step. The attention to detail in following their strap line also extends to soft metallic leather linings and metallic hand stitching around some styles. There's something for everyone and our customers are always telling us that their Alegria Shoes attract compliments wherever they go.

This mosaic metallic rainbow pattern on a soft black leather background shows how Alegria elevate a black shoe to be so much more. The silver leather lining and stitching look great.

Unbelievable Comfort and Arch Support

The patented Alegria Foot Bed
This image shows the technology inside the memory foam foot bed

All Alegria shoes and sandals benefit from their patented memory foam and cork foot bed. You really feel the arch support in all Alegria footwear. The memory foam layer moulds to the shape of your foot and the leather lining on the top feels great. What's even better is that you can purchase Alegria Foot Beds separately and so your can freshen up a pair of your old Alegria Shoes - giving them that new shoe feeling.

Mild Front Rocker Sole

The Alegria Shoes that we sell at Cheerful Soles are based on either their Mini or Classic front rocker sole. The only difference is the height of the platform sole. Both help to propel your feet forward as you walk and help to promote correct posture as you walk and stand. Unlike full rocker soles, the rest of the anti-slip sole is flat and stable and so you don't rock backwards in these shoes. This mild rocking also helps to alleviate the pressure on your toes and joints from all day walking and standing. You can see the front rocker design on the image of the Alegria Paloma in Reverie below....

Alegria Paloma Mary Jane Shoes
Alegria Paloma in Reverie. You can see where the sole rises at the front to create the front rocker sole. Note how the rest of the sole is flat and so will provide stability.