Want to know how to look after your favourite Suede Shoes this Winter? Then read on.

One of our best selling ladies comfortable shoe is the Theresia M Harriet Suede Wedge, see below. It is elegant, deceptively wide and roomy and simply one of the most comfortable pair of shoes we have ever worn (personal testament here)!!

Given that we know that you will want to wear it in the winter too, we have put together some tips on how to look after your suede at this time of year.

How to be Suede Smart

The wet cleaning remedies that work for smooth leather aren't good for suede, which needs to stay dry so it doesn't lose its texture. Instead, quickly rub off overall dirt with an eraser, or just lightly sand away obvious stains with an emery board.
To raise the nap of suede that’s flattened, scrub briskly with a clean toothbrush or terry cloth towel. If it’s really matted, hold the shoe a few inches above the spout of a steaming teakettle for a few seconds, then brush up the nap.

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If you have any more tips on how to be 'Suede Smart' then let us know.