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Joya Edward Shoes

We love Mens Joya Edward shoes! Judging by sales last week, so do you. Also available in full grained black leather, the Mens Joya Edward is a firm tried and tested favourite amongst our Joya Customers. These Joya Shoes look great on and are packed with comfort technology

Key Features at a Glance

Joya Emotion Sole Category - The soft elastic mid sole cushions your feet.
Joya SENSO Sole Technology - Particularly soft at the heel and fore foot.
Anti Slip Rubber Outer Sole - Outer sole is hard wearing and supportive.
Removable Insoles - Create more room or insert your own orthotic insole.
Velcro Strap - Great if you struggle with laces and easy to adjust.
Seam Free Lining - Part leather and part fabric lining.

Joya Sole Categories

Joya shoes have an Emotion or a Motion Sole. The Joya Emotion Sole has helps to alleviate the stresses and strains to your joints from everyday walking and standing on hard surfaces. The Motion Sole does this, but in addition, it is a full rocker Sole Shoe.

Joya Emotion Sole

The Emotion sole mimics the effect of bare foot walking on compacted sand (like that you find on the shore line next to the water). The foot bed is cushioned and is soft and elastic so that your feet will be instantly comfortable and supported. The foot bed in these Mens Joya Shoes, encourages your feet to make tiny little adjustments while you walk and stand. These adjustments promote better posture and help to alleviate pressures to your joints and back. The Mens Joya Emotion sole utilises one of 3 difference sole technologies; SENSO, AIR and WAVE

SENSO - This sole is particularly soft at the heel and fore foot. It is ideal if you have sensitive feet.
AIR - This sole is particularly wide at the heel and fore foot and provides extra stability. Great for out door activities.
WAVE - This sole incorporates additional removable insoles. You can customise the width of the shoe by up to 1 width size. Ideal if you have wide feet. Shop Now for Mens Joya Emotion Shoes

Joya Motion Sole

The Motion sole mimics the effect of walking on really soft sand. The core feature of this sole is balance. This sole creates an active walking experience. Shoes in this range use Joya's CURVE technology. There is a mid foot activator (or roller), built into the sole of this shoe which creates the need to balance in order to walk and stand. Often referred to as Rocker Sole Shoes. Customers who buy Joya Motion shoes, usually do so on the recommendation of a health care professional such as a Podiatrist or a Doctor. Shop Now for Joya Motion Shoes

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