We know that lots of you are looking for comfortable shoes and boots this winter and so we though that it was about time that we told you about what has been selling well why.

Alegria Shoes

 Alegria Shoes, Caiti Boot

This style really has taken off with many of customers, people who are already familiar with the Alegria Shoes brand those new to the brand absolutely love this little ankle boot that we have in 3 great colours, Black Etched Leather, Brown Etched Leather and Black Leather shown above.

Alegria Shoes Make You Happy....

Or so they claim, what we can tell you is that at Cheerfulsoles we all have a pair and find that this brand works really well and demonstrate all the features that we ask for in a shoe - It looks great and feels great! Key features include:

Key Features

  • Anatomic Foot bed - Also made from leather and moulds to the shape of your foot for ultimate comfort
  • Mild Rocker Sole- Not on the same level as MBT however the Alegria sole will make you roll your foot naturally as your walk and helps to relieve pressure from heels and toes.
  • Secure Fastenings - Our Alegria Shoes and Boots have velcro fastenings that hold them onto yur foot well. On the Caiti Boot, this enables you to adjust for a perfect fit which is great if you have wider than average ankles!
  • Non Slip Sole - Essential in our British Climate, the non slip feature makes them an ideal choice when outdoors in lot of different work place settings

Theresia M Shoes

Theresia M Harriet Wedge

Our best selling Ladies Comfort Shoe has now been joined by a leather alternative with is great for winter. The Theresia M Harriet Black Suede has been one of our most popular shoes for people who wear Orthotics or just want a stylish comfortable shoe for work. We are not surprised that this smart Graphite Leather alternative is selling fast and the good news is that we are able to get more stock!

Key Features

  • Extremely Comfortable - The Harriet style is deceptively roomy and looks really elegant on the foot
  • Cushioned Removable Insole -The insoles on most of the Theresia M Shoes are fully removable and have a soft finished footbed underneath. This makes them ideal for people who wear orthotics or simply need to make a bit more room in one or both shoes to accommodate other foot problems
  • Secure Adjustable strap - The strap across this shoe is Velcro and can be adjusted for a more secure fit

Hassia Shoes

Hassia Petra Pump

The Hassia Petra Pump really is a Little Gem! Shown here in Black, it is also available in Navy too. It's a great choice for people with sensitive feet, arthritis or Bunions (even large ones)!! Along with the Theresia M Harriet Wedge, it is consistently one of our best sellers and is a style that we will always have in stock, or coming into stock soon.

Key Features

  • Wide Fitting - This pump will fit D+ width feet easily and with removable insoles we find that it will also accommodate a Ladies E width too.
  • Removable Insole- As stated above, great if you need some extra depth for one or both feet. They are soft and cushioned with a soft finished foot bed underneath too making them ideal for a shallow orthotic.
  • Secure Fit in Soft Suede- These pumps are so soft when on the foot that it really does feel like you are stepping out in your slippers. This is a comfortable shoe that fits like a glove an holds onto the foot well

Mephisto Shoes

Mephisto Shoes, Fiducia Boot

We love this little boot by Mephisto and so do lots of our customers who have voted with their online shopping baskets. We will always try to keep a good stock of these in (though colours may vary depending on what Mephisto are stocking throughout the winter). Shown in Grey nu-buck above with a grey leather cuff around the ankle, we also have the same style in Navy. Mephisto Shoes are well known amongst the comfort shoe market for their stylish and comfortable designs that incorporate lots of technology to make them one of our most popular brands. We find that once you have bought Mephisto, you will be converted and do so time and again.

Key Features

  • Soft-air Latex Midsole and Shock Absorbing System - Basically this means that the sole unit helps absorb the shocks from walking, relieving pressure and jarring of your feet, joints.
  • Rounded and Seamless Toe Box - so this boot will be good if you have sensitive toes or an enlarged joint.
  • Removable Insole - so you can pop your own in or make a little bit more room in the boot if you need to.


If you think that we have missed any of our great winter selection from this list then please let us know and we will update the blog with your thoughts too.