"One size fits all" doesn't work when your feet aren't average, which is why, back in the olden days, shoes came in different widths and half sizes. At one time women bought shoes by width almost as much as by length, however it is not uncommon now to hear people say, when asked what size they are, “Well it depends on where I am buying them from”, or 6.5 but I have to buy a 7 so they’re not too small”. Finding comfortable shoes can be hard, especially ones that look good too. It is true that these days shoe sizes are usually a lot less specific, so people are guided mostly by brand and find eventually that some are better for broader feet, others for slim ones.

Find Comfortable Shoes Online at Cheerful Soles

Luckily finding ladies comfort shoes at Cheerful Soles is easy. We will always give you guidance as to whether a shoe is narrow (UK width A), standard (UK widths B-D), wide (UK E-EE) or extra wide (UK EE-EEE). We carry a large selection of comfortable shoes in standard and wide fittings so you can be sure to find something suitable that looks and feels great. Even better than that, most of our shoes also come in UK half sizes so that you can be sure to find the perfect fit.

To help you find the right shoes for your foot type, here is a brief summary of what to look out for at both extremes:

Finding Shoes for Narrow Feet

What to look for:

  • A well-fitting heel, not too loose as you'll wobble and slip out. Often just looking at the heel cup indicates whether the shoe will be suitable or not.
  • Straps, laces or ties, so that you can adjust the shoe for a closer fit if necessary
  • Leather rather than suede (the latter is too yielding to give adequate support)
  • You could try inserting heel grips into shoes – see image below
  •  Heel Grips can Help People with Narrow Feet find ShoesPicture of a shoe with a heel grip in place.

Finding Shoes for Wide Feet

What to look for:

  • Suede or soft calfskin that stretches where you need it
  • More covered styles—broad feet "spill" out of bare, low-cut shoes
  • Removable Insoles – Often taking out the insoles can give you a bit of extra depth and width where you need it most
  • Laces or adjustable straps so that you can find a fit that works for you
  • Nonbinding design – avoid fixed straps as wide feet can bulge causing pain and irritation

Here are examples of shoes that are suitable for wide feet available at CheerfulSoles. Go to our online store for see more!

Theresia M Shoes for Wide feet - Click here for details  Alegria Shoes for wide feet, click here for details