Comfortable Shoes for Work

We’ve all been there at one time or another, 8 hours on your feet all day at work in a pair of shoes that look great, make your ankles look slimmer and fill you with that extra confidence that you need to feel great as well. The trouble is that by the time you get into work you no longer feel great in your fabulous shoes as your toes are squished and the balls of your feet are throbbing and all you need is a good sit down with your slippers on.

Why is wearing Comfortable Shoes at work so important?

If you suffer from painful feet at work and you wear shoes that are high heels, tight fitting, or both then you may already be considering wearing shoes that are, (dare we say), comfortable. If the very thought makes you feel queasy then take heart as wearing comfortable shoes for work no longer means turning up looking like your Gran, there are lots of comfortable shoes out there that are stylish and comfortable.

Still not convinced that comfortable shoes are for you, then read on as there are lots of painful foot complaints associated with wearing high heels and ill fitting shoes. You may recognise some of the symptoms; sore toes, sore feet, heel pain, pain in your calves or lower back, all of which can lead to longer term painful conditions such as Corns, Bunions, Mortons Neuroma or Plantar Faciitis.

At CheerfulSoles we would never suggest a life without sexy heels as there is a time and a place for them. What we do suggest is that you take care of your feet and wear a shoe in the work place that looks great and will not leave you begging for your slippers by morning coffee break.

Comfortable Shoes for Work, Checklist

We have put together a simple check list of what to look for in a comfortable shoe for work. Not rocket science but we hope that it may get you thinking about what to wear for most of the day.

  • Know your size, if you are not sure what size you are any more, get your feet measured. As we get older our feet do tend to change so don’t take it for granted that you will stay a size 6 forever.
  • If your feet measure 6.5 then buy size 6.5 and not a 7 or a 6. All of our shoes at CheerfulSoles, (with the exception of continental sizes) are available in half sizes as we understand that most people sit between two sizes and so often wear shoes that are too small or too big, not through choice but due to poor size availability provided by retailers.
  • Do you have Wide Feet? If you tend to find that most of your shoes are too narrow and feel tight across your foot and toes, it may be that you have slightly wider than average feet. Something that the UK High Street is not geared up to provide for. You can ask for your foot width to be measured at the same time as measuring for size.
  • Buy your shoes from a reputable retailer. Look for footwear that is the best quality that you can afford. If the shoe is cheap then the fact is that they won’t last long and they won’t have quality comfort technology built in during the manufacturing process.
  • If you wear a heeled shoe then choose a lower firmer heel that will give you more stability.

Find your perfect pair of Comfortable and Stylish Shoes for work

Take a look at our comfortable and stylish shoes that have been designed and manufactured by the likes of Mephisto, Theresia M, Alegria, Hassia and Waldlaufer to provide the ultimate comfort for ladies who want to look good and feel great at work.

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