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Waldlaufer Dynamic Hanni Walking Sandal

The WALDLĂ„UFER Dynamic Hanni Walking Sandal is the perfect choice for the active individual who enjoys life to the full. The rocker sole unit is flexible and encourages the natural rocking movement of walking - making a comfortable walking experience and can help alleviate the day to day pressures on feet and joints. With three fully adjustable straps which are leather lined, you can be sure to find the most perfect fit for you feet. This is a tried and tested style and we have lots of customers who come back time and again for an alternative colour. We this that this red is a particularly great choice for summer and is sure to attract lots of compliments.

Special Removable Insole

The removable insole in the Dynamic Range has a leather upper and helps to keep your feet both cool and comfortable. The Insoles are breathable and antibacterial too. Once removed they allow for extra width / room or your own orthotic insoles.

Heel Cushion

The heel cushion in the rear sole area provides extra comfort in that area just underneath and at the base of your heel - cushioning and reducing the impact felt from walking around all day. It's attention to detail like this which really makes Waldlaufer stand out from the crowd.

Air Cushioning

The air cushioning in the front part of the sole under the metatarsal area of the foot provides extra cushioning whilst you walk and helps to prevent pressure on that part of the foot. We have lots of customers who need extra cushioning in this area so this is a great choice if you need it.

Great Value for Money

You're getting a lot of sandal for your money with this style! With so many in built comfort features and half sizes available - we are confident that you won't be disappointed. Leather uppers and lining, removable insoles with extra cushioning, inbuilt air cushioning system and a good gripping rubber sole all at an affordable price that will keep you in comfort and style all summer long.

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