Daily Mail report that Flip Flops are no good for your feet!

Well, no surprise there then! For those of you who haven't had a chance to read the piece in the Daily Mail by Sophie Borland last week, let me summarise for you.

Flip Flops cost NHS around £40 million a year

This is based on 200.000 + per year visiting GPs and even hospital with injuries resulting from trips or falls and even other more long-term injuries.

Health professionals warn of danger from prolonged wearing of Flip Flops

They can change the way you walk and put pressure on the outside of the foot rather than the heel when you walk and  causing long-term damage. More common short-term complaints include twisted ankles, aching toes and other injuries resulting from trips and falls. I can count at least 4 painful injuries from wearing them!

What are the Risks?

Wearing Flip Flops, the risks

So should we stop wearing them?

I think that there is a time and a place for Flip Flops, I couldn't face going in a shower on a campsite without mine on but I would agree that as an everyday shoe, they are certainly not my first choice. In fact any shoe that I have to fight to keep on is a big no no, my life is hectic enough! I understand why they are a firm summer favourite though, easy to slip on and off, accommodate foot swelling, let the air to your feet and look like they should be comfortable and can be quite stylish. Read the Daily Mail story in full>>

Mephisto Helen Sandals, our answer to Flip Flops

Thankfully we at CheerfulSoles have a great alternative that you can wear all summer long without fear of the risks associated with wearing Flip Flops. The Mephisto Helen Sandal has long been a stylish firm favourite of ours as you can see from Kate's review. It has a cushioned Nubuck Footbed for ultimate comfort, good arch support and a toepost that won't hurt your toes! The adjustable strap over the foot also means that there is no need for that awkward toe gripping action that can cause aches and pains from regular use. Trust us, we believe that these sandals really live up to our statement that you will wear nothing else all summer!

Mephisto Helen Sandals, available from CheerfulSoles

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