Well the boys in my house are certainly getting excited about the pending England - Germany Match on Sunday and I must say that it is hard not to get excited about the prospect of making it through to those all important quarter finals.

It did get me thinking about what kind of state the Teams feet must be in after so long on the pitch. According to the BBC Sports Academy, Wayne Rooney alone covers on average 11.2 kilometres (about 7 miles in old money). All this jogging, sprinting stop and start action must take its toll on the feet and judging by the picture I have just seen of Ronaldo and his unidentified teams mates feet my concerns are justified. If you really want to see then click here.

World Cup Football Facts and Trivia to Impress your friends and other halves

  • The most popular brand of Football boot worn by the team in this years World Cup is Nike, worn by the likes of Rooney, the two Coles, James Milner, Theo Walcott and the ever controversial choice Heskey.
  • The player that everyone in moaning about for this World Cup; Emile Heskey. Why? Well according to the vocal majority, he doesn't score goals and he injured Rio Ferdinand (even if it was an accident)
  • One of the most common foot injuries for footballers is a metatarsal Fracture (as suffered by Rooney & Beckham)
  • Our next game is against Germany on Sunday 27th June, IF we win this, we are likely to meet Argentina and Spain in the next stages.....ARGHHHH!
  • Footballers have difficulty finding boots to fit their Orthotics too! Football boots need to be close-fitting to the foot and there simply isn't room for most insoles.
  • Remember, Germany has never won the World Cup, it was West Germany that won it twice!!

If you would like to know more about caring for the footballer in your life's feet then take a look at this article on the Society for Chriropody and Podiatry Website (Feet for Life), Football by Lindsay A Fitzgerald