If you haven't experienced the comfort of the rocker soled shoe from Joya Shoes yet then you're in for a treat and here's why.....

Healthy walking with the Joya Rocker Sole

Joya Shoes have developed a novel rocker sole, which helps the foot return to a natural motion - promoting good health. The Joya rocker sole with integrated "Activator" transforms the hard, flat floor into a soft sandy beach for your foot.

Joya Shoes with rocker soles


The Joya Rocker Sole gives you..

  • Greater freedom of movement for you feet as there are no hard insoles or shanks
  • The unique experience of sinking into sand at the heels to push off with the forefoot, thanks to the midsole which is made of high quality polyurethane
  • Active support for your posture & feet arches, thanks to the effect of the activator when your feet roll whilst walking


You won't believe how soft and comfortable these Joya shoes are. Take a look at our collection of mens and ladies joya shoes now.