Joya have now added lots more variations of their best selling Mens Flash and Ladies Electra Trainers. We wanted to let you know a bit more about the benefits of these trainers.

Ladies Joya Electra Trainer

Ladies Joya Electra Trainers

The Electra trainer is available in 3 colours and one of these, the Electra SR is a certified anti slip sole trainer - ideal for slippery surfaces in the work place.

Mens Joya Flash Trainers

Mens Joya Flash Trainers ar Cheerful Soles

The Key Benefits of The Joya Trainer

The Flash and Electra trainer are comfortable and supportive from the moment you put them on. Made from textile and PU, with no animal products used at all in the manufacturing process. For that reason, Joya also recommend this shoe for anyone following a Vegan lifestyle.

Designed for an active life style, the Joya Trainer is based on the Joya Air Sole which is characteristically a little wider at the heel and forefoot area - providing a stable environment for your chosen outdoor activity.

The flash also forms part of the Joya Emotion Range with the soft, elastic Joya sole which absorbs the impact of every day walking, designed to feel like you are walking on compacted wet sand. They have Joyas orholite support insole that will support your feet as you walk but can be taken out if needed, making them orthotic friendly

All in all, these are a great supportive trainer that will help to relieve the effects of to your joints and backs from your chosen activity, thanks to soft foam midsole and the flexible dynamic footbed which together cushion your feet as you walk.

Watch here to see the effects of wearing the Joya Electra and Flash Trainers