I was looking at information for the blog on Wide Fitting shoes and I came across an article that reminded me of why it is important to buy shoes that fit. Sounds Simple doesn't it but if you have Wide Feet then shopping for shoes can often be one of the most stressful experiences that you have to endure. We often speak to customers who have problem feet simply as a result of wearing shoes that were too tight and often bought in desperation as something that will do as opposed to finding great shoes that look great and fit well.

Foot Problems caused by wearing shoes that are not wide enough


A Callus is an area of skin that has become hardened due to pressure from another surface, such as a shoe, on a regular basis. This thickening is the natural way for healthy skin to protect itself from unnatural stress. Calluses start off as areas of red skin that overtime and due to continual rubbing, become harder and can appear yellowish.  A callus can become less painful over time, as the skin hardens. Shoes that once did fit and didn't rub are now uncomfortable and hard to wear.


A corn, or to use the scientific term, Heloma, is an area of hard skin which has become concentrated to form a callus. They usually form on thin parts of your skin, such as your toes when there is pressure from another surface rubbing against it. A corn could develop due to constant friction from tight or narrow shoes. Corns have a hard area in the centre called a nucleus that presses into the underlying skin tissue of your foot. A corn can be hard or soft, the nucleus however, is always hard.


More serious than calluses and corns are Bunions. Like famous bunions sufferers such as Victoria Beckham, you may not suffer from pain all the time, and you may even persevere with your pointy heels and too narrow shoes. However, be aware, bunions can ultimately limit the amount of movement you have in your foot as your toe joint can become so painful that you find it hard to walk in the shoes you would normally wear. You may roll your foot inwards as you walk,  putting extra pressure on your big toe joint, and as a result your bunion. Pain may typically be experienced as you push to lift your foot off the ground to walk. Once a Bunion forms you may find it even harder to find a pair of shoes that fit you properly as the width required to accommodate the area near the ball of your foot has increased even more while your actual shoe size has not.

The people who have the hardest time finding shoes that fit are those who have slightly wider than average feet, but not wide enough to be shopping for EEE widths yet. If you are having problems finding shoes that are wide enough then take heart because there are a growing number of shoe manufacturers who are producing footwear just for you. Waldlaufer and Theresia M are two German Manufacturers who have really gotten to grips with designing shoes in wider fittings that look just as stylish as anything you will find on the high street (if not more stylish)!

Don't despair, take a look at our Stylish Wide Fitting Shoes

At CheerfulSoles we have a great selection of shoes in wider E - EE widths that look amazing. What is more, most of the Waldalufer and Theresia M Shoes that we sell have removable insoles that once removed will give you that little but extra depth and width if required. Our Funky Alegria Shoes will leave you giddy with excitement from finding a wide fitting shoe that is young and bang on trend!

Do you have problems finding shoes that fit?

Let us know your experiences of wearing shoes that were too tight or let us know if you have found the perfect shoes for your wide feet.