We are loving our Mephisto Sandals!

It’s no surprise that Mephisto shoe customers are loyal consumers of this remarkable footwear. Mephisto’s shock absorbing technologies and stylish fashions are unsurpassed in the footwear industry. Mephisto’s credo is “Tired Feet, Never Again,” and they stand by that statement. As a result, customers return time and time again to purchase stylish, comfortable Mephisto shoes.

Mephisto has styles for men and women. They include both casual and dress shoes, as well as sandals. They also carry a line of golf shoes for men and women. And just for the women they have boots and clogs. All stylishly constructed with added emphasis on comfort.

Mephisto uses a unique construction and varied features to create the pinnacle of comfortable footwear. Shock absorbing heals protect the joints and spine from jolting when you walk. The heels contain a patented technique using an airbag to further protect the joints and spine from vibrations. Their 100% rubber, rugged, non-slip soles assure traction on wet surfaces. There is a deep latex cushion in the sole of the shoe that contains thousands of small air bubbles to promote shock absorption. An air-jet circulation system causes the air to flow through the interior of the shoes. Air flows from the front to the back as you walk to help keep feet cool, fresh and dry. They use natural latex foam inside the mid-sole to add flexibility and comfort with each step. The insole of Mephisto shoes is uniquely designed to provide support and hold your foot in the right place.

Pinching and rubbing is eliminated with a latex foam padding below the ankle. A special heal and joint padding cushions the heel and prevents painful constriction. Mephistos promote good posture with their anatomic arch support which embraces the natural contours of the feet.

Mephistos incorporate a lightweight padding on the tongue which helps you securely lace the shoes without added pressure. Quality, genuine leather is used and naturally protected to allow feet to breathe. Goretex waterproof membrane protects from the cold, wind and water while allowing the feet to breathe.

There is no better manufacturer of stylish footwear that promotes comfort and protects the spine and joints. 

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