Fidelio produce a range of Orthotic Sandals, Mules and Wool Felt
Clogs. The Fidelio collection is premium comfort at its very best. The
orthotic sandals have a mild orthotic insole, approved and endorsed by
podiatrists. The Secret is in the last - Fidelio lasts are true

Orthotic Insoles
The Fidelio sandals range have a mild orthotic insole. Great care and
attention has been given to the correct positioning of the foot within
the sandals, and the design of the insole has been adapted to optimise
comfort, meaning you are getting a pair of very high orthotic sandals
from Cheerful Soles without a visit to the podiatrist!

New Clog Range
Fidelio Wool Felt Clogs are 100 per cent wool felt which is rare in
footwear, as it involves a lengthier manufacturing process and is
therefore more expensive. But the extra cost of Fidelio shoes is worth
it! Fidelio wool felt clogs are supremely soft and comfortable, and
the removable insoles are also lined with 1 mm pure wool felt which
makes them snug and warm. Fidelio Pure Wool Felt Clogs are not available at CheerfulSoles yet.

Interchangable Insoles
A great feature of Fidelio  insoles is that they are totally compatible with all the Fidelio range of orthotic sandals and
mules. So if you prefer a different type of insole but want to ensure
a perfect fit, you can easily swap between your sandals, clogs and
mules. You can also fit fully orthotic insoles if you wish.

Key Health Features
A great deal of design and research has gone into producing the Fidelio

  • ~They support the foot, and through the deep-cupped heel.
  • ~The insole helps to correctly position the foot while providing a secure hold. This secure hold makes you feel that you are wearing sandals rather than mules.
  • ~With these lasts, the body weight is properly dispersed at both the toe and heel, which significantly relieves pressure upon the arch of the foot, especially at the ball of the foot.
  • ~The unique combination of the excellent fit, the cork insole, the air-cushioned sole and the sophisticated tailoring minimises strenuous grasping with the toes in order to keep the mules on the foot, which in turn allows fatigue-free and comfortable walking all day long.
  • ~All Fidelio lasts are slightly wider at the forefoot and are slimmer at the heel. The pivot of the ball of the foot sits correctly. Specialists call this a "broken last" or a"golden cut".
  • The Stretch insert in the Fidelio Hallux range of sandals and shoes is a fantastic innovation for Bunion Sufferers and is hidden so that they don't look like your strereotypical orthopaedic shoe.

Key Manufacturing Features

  • ~All Fidelio insoles are made from feather light natural cork covered with a layer of the best calf leather.
  • ~All the Fidelio insoles from Cheerful Soles are removable, so it is possible to use your own orthotic insoles with Fidelio footwear.
  • ~The insoles are Eco-Certified which means that they have been manufactured in line with environmental concerns from sustainably managed cork oak trees.
  • ~Fidelio orthotic sandals and mules come in a great variety of colours and styles, available at Cheerful Soles.


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