I know that its a long way off but we have just returned from our buying trip to Dusseldorf and I really wanted to tell you about a new brand that will be joining our CheerfulSoles collection this Autumn / Winter. They are an Austrian Shoe manufacturer, recommeded to us from an established comfort shoe retail who we trust and they are simply wonderful and will fit nicely into our range of unique and stylish shoes that don't compromise on comfort.

Thik! Comfort Shoes

So who are Think! Shoes? The Koller family has been involved in the making of shoes for over 200 years. The Narko Company with its emphasis on mens shoes was founded by Mr Koller Sr in th 1950s. In 1990 his son Martin Koller hit on the idea of moving awayfrom the original field of mens shoes & repositioning the company as an ecological shoe maker.  Along cam the Think! Shoe brand.

The question of what makes a Think! shoe special, according to them can be answered in four simple Words; Individuality, Comfort, Naturalness & Passion


According to Think! every person is a unique work of art and that is exactly what they claim to offer for your feet. We agree, the styles are interesting and unlike anything we have seen before!


The main aim of Think! shoes is to be good for the feet. Their shoe designs and insoles make no compromise when it comes to fitting the shape of the human foot to ensure that healthy feet stay that way. What we love is that the insoles come out of the Think! shoes so they are orthotic friendly. If you don't wear an orthtic then Think! also offer a replacement insole service so you can enjoy that new shoe feeling for longer!


Think believe that everything that goes against nature Will not endure. They use vegetable tanned leather of European origin for all the parts of their shoes that come into direct contact with the foot. They rely on renewable raw materials such as natural rubber & cork. They act in an ecologically sustainable manner and guarantee that their manufacturing steps are environmentally friendly and they conserve resources where possible.


For generations Think! have been developing their shoes for the joy of designing with a commitment to loving details and have a passion for the art of making shoes by hand.

What do they look like?

Just to give you an idea of the unique styling of Think! Footwear here's a sneaky peak.

Think! Aida