We're excited to show you our new Waldlaufer rocker shoe and sandal at cheerful soles. The Waldlaufer Rocker Sole forms part of their Dynamic Range and your can read more about it on their website here. The Waldlaufer Dynamic range of shoes and sandals have an effective, but mild rocker, the sole is flexible and designed for you to experience a naturally flowing rocking movement. The rocker is not as pronounced as our Joya range or say an MBT. This is more of a gentle rocker which is instantly comfortable, cushions the foot and supports the ankle. We've summarised the best things about them below.

Waldlaufer Ladies Rocker sole shoe

The H Sonja from Waldlaufer Shoes is a great choice for ladies who would like a milder rocker sole with a soft cushioned foot bed and mid sole. The rocker on these shoes is less pronounced than some other brands and so may be a good first introduction to this way of walking. They have a lace up or side zip opening and as the insole is removable, these are also orthotic friendly.

Waldlaufer H Yvonne Sandals

The H Yvonne has all the benefits of the H Sonja in a sandal form. If you need a rocker sole sandal with a removable insole, then this is the perfect sandal for you. The gentle but effective rocker in these sandals promotes a naturally flowing rocking movement while encouraging proper posture and gait. The three adjustable velcro straps also have extra cushioning on the inside for your comfort.

To sum up, if you are looking for a good quality introduction to this type of footwear then the Waldlaufer Dynamic Range is for you. You can't been the quality and comfort features for this price. We have long been a fan of Waldlaufer - as have lots of our customers. We hope that you like this new range as much as we do.