What are rocker sole shoes?

We know that style is incredibly important to our customers and if you’ve been searching long and hard for a pair of great looking shoes that’s also comfortable to wear, our range of Alegria rocker sole shoes is pretty hard to beat.

If you’ve never heard of rocker soles the chances are that you’re a little confused at this point! Put simply, a rocker sole is a sole that’s designed to provide superb cushioned comfort for your feet and to improve your gait whilst you walk. Sometimes also known as rocker bottom shoes, these ingenious shoes have a thicker than normal sole and a rounded heel. The unique shape of a rocker bottom sole will discourage flat footedness and will help to compensate for a loss of range of motion - perfect for anyone who suffers from arthritis or stiff joints in their feet.

Rocker sole shoes are designed to not only help with specific foot problems; they also provide unbeatable day-long comfort for anyone who has to stand for long periods. This is why Alegria shoes are so popular amongst nurses and other health professionals as the thick, cushioned sole provides comfort throughout the day without any risk of rubbing or pinching.

Rocker sole shoes delivered throughout the UK

Here at Cheerful Soles we stock one of the largest ranges of rocker sole shoes in the UK. Alegria’s rocker sole shoes are amongst our best sellers and our current range includes a wonderful range of gorgeous styles, designed to appeal to fashion conscious, fun loving individuals.

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