First Zumba class post Christmas last night, it was packed with lots of new kindred spirits all in a bid to get fit and try out this relatively new dance / exercise class. Given that there were lots of Zumba virgins our instructor saw fit to give out some advice (none of which she had given any of us who have been there from the start (must be a NY resolution) and we all know how long those last!

I have been wearing the wrong shoes for Zumba!

It's official, according to our instructor if I wear my supportive trainers with a good tred for grip which absorb the shock of constant jumping up and down like a mad woman and help prevent my dodgy knee from become any more, well, dodgy, then I am not going to be able to Zumba smoothly like a Zumba Godess. Apparently the girl next to me wearing completely flat plimsole type pumps had it spot on as there was no tred or grip to speak of under her pumps. What to do? Should I sacrifice comfort and ability to walk for better Zumba moves?

Should we Sacrifice Comfort for Style?

It struck me that my problem (according to the instructor) is representative of the pressure we feel every day to wear shoes that look great for the role we are in, or the outfit we are wearing but do nothing to add to our comfort in that role or our long term health. I have girlfriends who will wear nothing but heels, one mum at my sons school says that she can now wear nothing but 4.5 inch heels as her tendons at the back of her legs have shrunk after years of wearing killer heels every day. I don't know ow she manages it, even in the snow she had them on (with no socks)!!!! Of course, at Cheerfulsoles we believe that you should n't have to sacrifice comfort for style but I do believe that there is a time and a place for killer heels and pointy toes. I do own a pair of bright red patent 4 inch heels but not everyday, (or for any longer than about 4 hours actually)! As for my Zumba teachers advice........

A Time and a Place

I am sorry to say that I am not destined to be the ultimate Zumba Queen as I have decided that an exercise class is definitely not the time or the place to sacrifice my comfort and long term health (I really must see a doctor about my knee) for the ability to slide smoothly to the Zumba Beat! I like my arch support and cushioned shock absorbing insoles. What was she thinking of, advising a room full of mixed ability ladies (well there is one man who comes), with an age range from 20 something to 60 something that to get the most out of the class we should wear unsupportive footwear with no grips?

Do as I say not as I do!

What was quite telling, on reflection, is that my friend pointed out that in fact the instructor was wearing a pair of trainers like mine!

Find out more about Zumba

I have to say that I really do enjoy Zumba (though I am going to a new class starting next week), you can find out more about it and see if there is a class near you at this website: