We thought that you may like to know more about the Think Shoes brand. A popular brand for Cheerful Soles - we love them for their comfort and quirky style, but there's so much more to know about what goes into the making of  a Think Shoe.

Think! A brand with an Environmental Conscience

All think shoes are initially designed and developed in Kopfing in Upper Austria and are always and proudly manufactured in Europe. Think! are a shoe manufacturer with an environmental conscience and sustainability is at the heart of everything they do.

  • Shoes are made to last, think use a term called 'Slow Fashion'. Their footwear is so individual and quirky that it transcends fashion fads that come and go.
  • They use skilled craft workers who hand finish all footwear to high standards. Every pair is individual because they are handmade by individuals to ensure that shoes will last.
  • Think! about tomorrow, continuous innovation is important to Think!

Comfort is Key

All Think shoes are designed with comfort as key - the shoe should fit the foot and all shoe lasts are produced with this in mind!

  • Shoes should be enjoyed season upon season and should remain comfortable
  • Shoes are produced with sensible heel heights
  • High quality sustainable materials are used to produce Think Shoes
  • Most footwear have removable insoles made from carefully managed plantations of cork. Removable foot beds mean that people can replace with their own customer made orthopaedic insoles if required.

Individual & Environmentally Conscious

From the commitment to hand made manufacturing process to the careful selection and processing of leathers, Think Shoes are unique.

  • Every shoe is made by hand, involving 200 individual steps!
  • Think prioritise the use of materials for their shoes that are natural and renewable first
  • Leathers are tanned without the use of harmful chromium where possible and all shoe interiors are chromium free
  • Think are the first manufacturer to the receive the Austrian Eco Label (a difficult to obtain sustainability certificate in Europe) for the Chilli Shoe (a popular style for Cheerful Soles Customers.
  • Find out more about the Austrian Eco Label Certificate by clicking on the eco label logo below
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    Think Chilli Shoes at Cheerful Soles