I wonder if  VB has found the Mephisto sandal range yet? She has been pictured recently wearing flip-flops (apparently as a more comfortable option for her bunions). However, most medical experts would warn of the potential result in joint pain, shin splints and twisted ankles that prolonged wearing of flip-flops can cause.

Now, according to the daily mail they could also result in you being sacked from work for not being smart enough! I think they are referring to how they make you look rather than a slight on your intellectual ability.

Well, luckily we have some rather stylish alternatives here at CheerfulSoles, for ladies who want to step out in style this summer, bunions or no bunions. Take a look and together we can show Mrs Beckham a thing or two about being stylish this summer.

Mephisto Fania Sandal

[caption id="attachment_43" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Mephisto Sandals"]Mephisto Sandals[/caption]

~ Great Arch Support

~ Shock absorbing sole unit to help take pressure of your joints

~ Adjustable buckle keeps your foot firmly in place with elasticated strap at the back

~ hidden elastic panel over the toes for additional comfort

Let us know what you will be stepping out in this spring / summer and as ever keep us informed of any top tips for problem feet.

Bye for now - CheerfulSoles