Here at Cheerful Soles we know just how important style is to our customers but we also know that you like to buy shoes that not only look good, they should feel great too. Waldlaufer and Alegria are two of our most popular brands and each uses a range of cleverly designed comfort features to ensure their shoes and boots are incredibly comfortable to wear, but knowing what to look for makes it much easier to find the perfect pair for your feet.

What makes Waldlaufer shoes so great?

Let’s start with Waldlaufer and if a handcrafted, high-quality finish is important to you, this comfort shoe brand will be right up your street. Waldlaufer believe that the choice of materials is just as important as the design of the shoe and this is why the use superior leathers which are untreated as much as possible to allow them to be breathable and super soft. In addition, every pair of shoes, sandals and boots in Waldlaufer’s range is lined with leather.

All Waldlaufer footwear is also designed with an incredibly light, air cushioned sole and removable foot beds designed to accommodate orthotic insoles if necessary. Waldlaufer insoles are also finished in leather and because they’ve been specially developed to massage and relax the foot whilst you walk, all day comfort is guaranteed.

Why Alegria shoes stand out from the crowd

Alegria shoes are unique and if you like to stand out from the crowd, you’ll love their range of quirky, eye-catching footwear. Although Alegria shoes look great, thanks to a range of ingenious design features such as their legendary rocker sole, they’re also incredibly comfortable too.

It’s the superb comfort of Alegria shoes that has helped to make them a real hit with nurses, medical professionals and anyone who has to stand for long periods. Alegria shoes are deisgned with natural leather insoles and interiors to ensure breathability and because the insoles are anatomically shaped, the shoes will adapt to the unique shape of your foot. Alegria’s mild rocker sole is very clever indeed and is designed to encourage good posture and a healthy gate when walking - perfect for anyone who has problems with their feet.


Here at Cheerful Soles we’re big fans of both Alegria and Waldlaufer shoes and as they’re amongst our best sellers, we know our customers love them too. If you would like advice on the best shoes to suit your feet please don’t hesitate to get in touch - we’d be delighted to help and would love to hear from you!