Who among us wouldn't feel a certain amount of sympathy for Sarah Brown as she revealed something apparently far more important than her husbands Manifesto, yes I am talking about her feet that were on display at a Hindu Temple over the weekend. The poor woman was merely showing respect for the religious beliefs of the people she was visiting and the response has been widespread publicity over her toes.

I am not going to add a picture of her feet here, you can find it online if you really want to, however it is a story that hits a chord for many of us. Summer can be a dreadful time if you have 'Problem Feet' and if seeing Sarah Browns feet gives someone the confidence to get their least favourite part of their body out on public show then maybe she would take comfort from it.

We have lots of shoes and sandals at CheerfulSoles that wouldn't give Sarah any pain,  would look fantastic and give her toes the room to spread that they look so desperately to need.

Pause for Thought

Does the press spend far too much time on photographing 'celebrities' feet for public display? Are they merely unnecessary voyeuristic images that do no good or could they be said to inspire the less confident amongst us to dare to bare? What do you think, leave a comment and let us know.

Bye for now - Jo