I thought that it was about time that I got back into the habit of letting you know about what we think of the shoes that we sell and of course wear. So, as the sun has decided to make an appearance, here is my review of my tried and tested Mephisto Helen Sandals.

Mephisto Helen Sandal

More about the Sandal

The Mephisto Helen Sandal is tried and tested by us all at CheerfulSoles and we are quite literal in our product review that we really do wear nothing else all Summer. Well, maybe not that literal! Customers come back to us time after time to add new colours to their collection. The sandals have natural rubber soles that are durable and shock absorbing and the footbed is nubuck which helps to keep your feet cool and dry. The footbed is also cushioned with a good arch support for added comfort. Don't be put off by the toe post, it is flat and doesn't rub the toes and your foot is held into the sandal by the adjustable strap so that you don't have to grip to stay in with your toes.

My Review

I have been wearing these sandals every summer for years now and I can honestly say that they really do live up to the description above. Each year I add to my collection (on the basis that we need to show the latest colours available and keep a pair for best you understand). It is getting increasingly difficult to disguise how many pairs I actually have from my Husband, though this must be an indication of my testimony to how great they are. The straps across the feet are really comfortable and once you have found the right position for each foot they expand to accommodate the slight swelling that you can sometimes get during hotter weather. I can always adjust onto another hole on the strap if I need to. Unlike other similar sandals the footbed is extremely comfortable and cushioned and I can honestly say that there is nothing quite so comforting for my feet as putting on a pair of Helen Sandals for that feeling of cushioned arch support that you get with every pair.

Would I recommend to a friend

Yes, and I have, lots of times as they are so stylish and come in suede and nice patent leathers that you can wear with anything, day time or evening.


Comfort - The Cushioned footbed and arch support provided by these sandals will not dissappoint and the adjustable strap ensures that your feet do not slip about.

Style - They come in shiny leathers, cool Suedes and Nubucks and look great, what more can I say? The fact that they come in so many colours means that you will stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. People will ask you where you got them from, it's up to you whether you let them in on the secret!