Wolky sandals are stylish and comfortable too

Wolky is a new brand for us and we’re already incredibly impressed with the unbeatable combination of style and comfort these gorgeous shoes and sandals offer.

Wolky really do understand that if style is important to you there shouldn’t be any need to sacrifice comfort in order to look good and their shoes and sandals are specially designed to provide an unbeatable fit. As Wolky themselves say: ‘Comfort is what we’re all about’ and their specially designed anatomically shaped foot beds provide long-lasting comfort, even if you’re on your feet all day.

Foot-friendly comfort features

All Wolky shoes and sandals are made from high-quality, super soft leathers and because they’re made with an emphasis on comfort, the linings are seam-free so there’s no risk of rubbing and blisters.  Fully adjustable straps are designed to allow the sandals to fit perfectly to your feet, whilst the insoles can be easily removed to accommodate orthotic inserts.

Eye-catching colours and stylish designs

Wolky sandals and shoes not only feel great to wear they look great too and our collection of sandals is available in a range of eye-catching colours and finishes, in styles perfect for teaming up with your spring and summer outfits. Our particularly favourites are the Wolky Rio Sandals in Black Multi Crackle - perfect for making a statement - and the Wolky Rio Sandals in white - an incredibly versatile summer sandal which would complement pretty much any outfit.

Wolky already have countless loyal fans and if you’ve never tried this incredible brand before, we think you’ll be just as impressed as we are. The perfect summer footwear solution for anyone who struggles to find comfortable sandals, Wolky sandals are not only made for walking, they’re designed to look stylish too! Why not browse through our brand new range of Wolky sandals?