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At last, stylish shoes that help alleviate the pressure on Bunions

Primarily known for their Fidelio and Softline sandal and mule ranges for ladies with bunions. Fidelio also produce this fantastic range of comfortable and stylish shoes for all women.

This range of stylish and comfortable shoes from Fidelio is suitable for all kinds of feet. The hidden stretch insert within these shoes makes them comfortable for ladies who often struggle to find shoes on the high street thanks to bunions which can often become painful and inflamed when cramped into tight fitting shoes. The fact that the stretch insert is hidden means that this range is far more appealing to the general comfort seeker who wants all day comfort but also wants to look good.

The Fidelio Pro HX range is a breath of fresh air and this company really are trying to meet the demand for comfortable shoes that look great and feel great.  By making the accommodating stretch insert invisible, Fidelio are starting to produce styles that more and more women will want to wear – not have to wear.

You will find styles on our website in the wider H width (think UK E), with plenty of room in the fore foot and instep area,  and the even more generous J width (think  UK EE).

Orthotic friendly!

All styles have removable insoles, so, not only do they look good, provide extra comfort and cushioning for the big toe joint - they're also orthotic friendly! Fidelio Shoes really do have all bases covered with this range of shoes.