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Wearing rocker bottom shoes is a great way to ensure your feet feel comfortable all day long and here at Cheerful Soles we've worked hard to put together a collection of rocker sole shoes that you'll want to wear, not have to wear. Whether your podiatrist has recommended that you need a rocker sole for as specific health reason, or you simply want to try the benefits of a rocker sole for yourself - we have a great range of styles to choose from.

What are rocker sole shoes?

There are two types of rocker bottom shoes that we sell at Cheerful Soles. The Forefoot / Front Rocker and Heel to Toe / Full Rocker.

Heel to Toe / Full Rocker Sole Shoes

A full heel to toe rocker bottom shoe is simply a shoe which has a thicker sole which has been specially designed promote a more natural style of walking and to encourage good posture. Heel to Toe Rocker bottom shoes are widely appreciated by those who suffer from painful or stiff foot joints and anyone who has to stand for long periods. The core feature of this type of rocker sole is balance. The full rocker sole rocks forwards and backwards and helps to encourage the natural roll of your foot as you walk, relieving the pressure on the heel and toes.

ForeFoot / Front Rocker Sole Shoes

With a Front rocker sole, the rocker is starts at the ball of the foot and extends to the tips of the toes. The front rocker helps to reduce the pressure under the ball of the foot and limit the motion in the toe joints from walking and standing. 

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