Theresia M Shoes Logo

Theresia M mission is to revive the art of producing fine women’s footwear that fits perfectly.


Theresia M are specialists at creating functional and fashionable shoes. They have been making shoes in South-West Germany for more than 50 years and have always focused on perfect fit and their shoes do really fit and are designed to outlast fleeting fashion trends.


The features below explain what make Theresia M shoes so comfortable.


Anatomical Correct Footbed – A shock absorber for your feet

The footbed of the shoe is of utmost important in Theresia shoes. They make sure that your big toe rests a tiny bit deeper than usual and that your sensitive arch gets support at the right spot with generous room at the heel. This footbed helps to balance you out, reducing the tension in your muscles.



More Room for your Toes – to give them “grip”

Theresia shoes are made to make sure that your toes have enough room for their natural grip. This means that the shoes won't “pinch” when you wear them and there is plenty of “wiggle” room.