Waldlaufer shoes Brand Information

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More about Waldlaufer

By far one of our best selling comfort shoe brands on the website, Waldlaufer Shoes are comfortable, practical and stylish. Waldlaufer were established in 1960 and are a German based company which has been run by the same family for two generations. The choice of name "Waldlaufer" or "Wood Walker" comes from the familys passion for walking and the outdoors. Waldlaufer Walking shoes and city styles are made from the best quality materials and are manufactured to the highest standards with handcrafted finishing. They are a progressive company too, we are seeing great developments in the design of comfortable shoes that are appealing and that you will want to wear and not have to wear. 

Why do we love Waldlaufer?

Great Price

Not only are Waldlaufer Sandals and shoes comfortable and stylish, they are also a great price and at Cheerful Soles we are constantly reviewing our prices to make sure that you get the best deal and choice of Waldlaufer as possible. We feel that our Waldlaufer Shoe collection offers affordable comfort with an attention to detail that you simply no longer find in most high street shoe shops.

Something Different

We all know that ususal suspects in the UK comfort shoe market and Waldlaufer offer a superior quality and individual alternative to what everyone else is wearing. 

Sizing Matters

Waldlafuer Shoes, Sandals and Boots are available in half sizes - because everyone is different. This means that our customers are better able to get the perfect fit. Our Waldlaufer customers know their size and feel confident in their online purchase because they know just what to expect from the Waldlaufer Fit. Most of the Waldlaufer shoes that we sell are a German H (UK E/EE) width because most womens feet are that little bit wider than what you are able to find on the high street. That's not to say that if you are a D width then they won't be suitable because thanks to adjustable features such as velcro and lace fastenings, you are able to adjust the shoe to fit you.

Removable Insoles

The ability to take the insoles out of most Waldlaufer shoes means that you may be able to accomodate your own orthotic insoles. Removing the insole can also give you some more room for a foot that is slightly bigger or prone to swelling during the day.

Key Features of Waldlaufer Shoes