Cold Weather, Cold Feet? Read on!

The extreme cold spell that we have been through (and are apparently heading for again) is no good for sensitive feet and feet that are prone to chilblains and poor circulation. The extremities of our bodies such as our toes are often the parts that suffer the most during cold winters.

You're doing everything right in terms of looking after your feet and are wearing Comfortable Shoes that are suitably wide fitting (if you need wide fitting shoes), will accommodate your orthotics (if you wear orthotics) and look great, because you buy from CheerfulSoles of course! Now the weather has turned against you and your tootsies are freezing.

Top Tips for looking after your feet in the Winter

We have put together a few tips on how to look after your feet during this cold weather. Not rocket science by any means but it helps to have a few reminders that we need to look after our feet:

Wear thicker socks made of natural material

Wearing socks made from natural materials such as cotton or wool are not only extremely practical and comfortable, they will allow your feet to breath. This will help prevent the build up of moisture in your shoes which can lead to the development of bacteria and fungi.

Wear footwear with adequate insulation and thicker soles

look for shoes with natural fleecy linings and a good thick sole with suitable grip for icy weather. Make sure that you have enough room in your winter boots and shoes for thicker socks.

Don't try to warm up too quickly

Avoid chilblains by warming up cold feet slowly. Don't be tempted to dunk them straight into hot water as the extreme change in temperature may lead to the development of chilblains. Change into a different pain of socks and put your slippers on, your feet will soon warm up.

Invest in a good pair of Slippers or House Shoes

Wearing slippers and house shoes inside is another great way to ensure that your feet stay warm in the winter. Make sure that they fit well as too many of us slosh around the house in something that is small, medium or large and offer no support what so ever.

Keep Moving, get warm & stay warm

It sounds simple but just getting up and moving about the house or outside is one of the best ways to stimulate blood circulation and get warm. Avoid sitting for long periods and if you feel yourself getting chilly indoors, get up and walk about for 10 - 15 minutes.

Don't forget to pamper your feet in the winter

OK so your feet are unlikely to be on public display any time soon (apart from the Christmas Party perhaps), but it no excuse to stop your regular foot care routine. A good pedicure is not just about painting your toenails, it removes dead skin and nourishes the thicker skin on the soles of your feet. You feel great after a pedicure as well so if you can't afford a beauty therapist then make sure on these winter nights in that you try out our home pedicure, tried and tested and best conducted with a glass of red wine and a box of chocolates!!

We hope that you found this post interesting and that your feet warm up soon, though we don't hold out much hope for this weather! As ever, please let us know what you think and indeed share any tips you have on staying warm this winter.