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What our Customers Have to Say

Thanks to all our customers below who sent us some lovely messages after receiving their shoes.

Trish October 2013 - Many thanks for your very prompt despatch of my lovely shoes - reckon they have arrived just in time for the colder weather. I have added you to my favourites so will contact you again when I need another pair!

Jo October 2013 -  great comfy shoes trust you will continue to stock alegria as they are the only shoe i can wear to walk in with my disability of plantar facillitus i think thats how its spelt....jo

M Webb September 2013 - Have received the shoes and they are fab, great to know you are there, great service too! best wishes M Webb

Julie August 2013 - Thank you for your attentive service Julie

Wendy July 2013 - I have just received my Hassia navy pumps and think I will be able to wear them on Saturday for a Party - wow that is a first for about 10 years in shoes!

Jill July 2013 - Just to say the shoes have arrived, they are a perfect fit.  Thank you for your excellent service.  Will put CheerfulSoles into my address book for the next pair of Mephisto shoes.

Hedely June 2013 - Thank you, good service.

Helen May 2013 -  i'm so glad i found your website my arthritic feet have never felt better or more stylish and at 47yrs that's what i wanted not the fuddy duddy type shoes. can't wait to order another pair when i have saved up

Phyllis May 2013 - Just to let you know my shoes have arrived and am absolutely delighted with them - so comfortable

Jeff May 2013 - Thank you very much, Great service, Cheers

Ginny April 2013 - Thanks for the Pastel Passions!  I love them! Its like having your feet up all the time!  (and you can use that!)

Ros  April 2013 - I really look forward to my next purchase from you

Helen April 2013 - Hi all, sandals just arrived and fit perfectly!

Liz March 2013 - Received with thanks and I'm pleased to say a perfect fit and v comfortable - better than Birkenstocks!Regards, Liz

Jane March 2013 - Thank you for my order, the shoes are beautiful, please let me know if you do the same shoe in any other colour?
Susan March 2013 - Thank you. You are always so helpful.

Heather March 2013 - Would like us to stock Kumfs! Good Morning , just to let you know I wrote to ziera on their contact site suggesting that they use you as an outlet for their products in UK.  I have received a reply from them to say that they were not aware of your shop and could I give them some information . I sent them details of your website and praised your excellent service. I trust this is OK. Kind regards, Heather

Ray March 2013 - Waldalufer HinaMany Thanks Shoes arrived 14th Perfect Fit,Thanks  for excellent service. Ray Johnstone.

Jane March 2013 - Mephisto WandaI am wearing the Mephisto Wanda shoes now – perfect fit and very comfortable.  Thank you for such good service.
Mary March 2013 - Alegria Paloma Pastetl Stone, Alegria Karmen GlitzHi Girls, new FAB shoes arrived wonderfully promptly and they fit a treat so thank you so much. Regards, Mary
John Feb 2013 Mephisto Cruiser -  Shoes came and fit fine! Beautifully made shoes. Thanks for help

Diana January 2013 - Alegria Paloma - Hi I would just like to thank you for my shoes!!! Couldn't believe that they arrived today and I love them Thank you so much

Jane January 2013 - Alegria Classic Clog - Although not the specialist shoes that Alegria make, I have previously had a pair which, rather than sloppy slippers, give me the support that I need for my hips and back - hence my desire to have some more! They really are excellent. 

Perhaps I should try the shoes too....
Many thanks for your very
speedy service!!


Lynzie December 2012 - Thank you so much. I'm really impressed with the service I have received and I've already recommended you to my sister. Best wishes and have a lovely Christmas.

Helen November 2012 - shoes received, quick and friendly service, thank you.

Lorraine October 2012 - My goodness that was quick!  Thank you so much for the prompt service, Lorraine

Helen October 2012 - Shoes have just arrived less than 24hrs after ordering them, thank you so much they are just what I wanted

Janine September 2012 - I'm really impressed with your service and will definitely use you again.

D Skin September 2012 - Thanks for the info, in that case I will keep both pairs . Many thanks again for a prompt and professional service and will be in touch around February.

Caroline September 2012 - Beautiful shoes – thank you !!!

D Fenney September 2012 - Just received today (WED)the Mephisto shoes I ordered recently, my wife is highly delighted with them.Thanks for all your efforts in obtaining them for us, very much appreciated.

Susan September 2012 - Dear CheerfulSoles, I received my Mephisto Sandals this morning (only ordered yesterday) and just wanted to say a big thank you for the prompt and efficient service you have given me. It is my second pair.  I have worn them round the house for the last couple of hours and, again, they are so comfortable and easy to wear that I could now walk for miles in them! I have recommended your web site to my friend who is also a Mephisto Helen "lover" and I will not hesitate in ordering from you again. Thanks and kind regards,

E Burton August 2012 - Thank you for the swift delivery of my shoes, which I am very pleased with.

Pippa Davies August 2012 - Hello CheerfulSoles, Thank you for all your help recently, shoes gratefully received and fitting nicely.  Philippa Davies

Simone Seekers August 2012 - Thank you very much for sending my order so quickly. Delighted with the shoes and the service.

Catriona Maccallum August 2012 - My Scholl sandals arrived this morning & they are a perfect fit. Thanks so much for the quick service. I'm very grateful as I rarely find summer shoes which I like & are comfortable!

S Drummand August 2012 - Just to say thankyou they arrived the following day! and fit fine and look great. Sarah Drummond

L Heatley August 2012 - Thank you so much for this.  I really did not expect this and am very impressed with your service.

B Hepplewhite August 2012 - Just got the shoes which appear to be perfect.  Your service is excellent. Pleasure to do business


S Shears July 2012 - Thank you so much for my recent order and I am delighted with the sandals AND the recipe for the coffee and walnut cake. I have lost the recipe for the strawberry tart which was included with another pair of sandals and this sounded absolutely delicious!!. Please could you forward this recipe on to me.  Many thanks and I hope you are enjoying the warm weather.
s Carson July 2012  - I ordered my Mephisto shoes yesterday, by phone. They arrived today. They are comfortable and my orthotics fit., I shall wait for my new orthotics to arrive and then order a pair of Mephisto boots from you. Many thanks to your sales staff yesterday, who talked me through the questions I needed answering. I'm delighted. Kind regards, Sue cason
I Cowsil July 2012 -Hi to all at Cheerful Soles,Just like to say a big thank you for your excellent service and goods. I will be back for more.  Kind Regards  Irene
Helen May 2012 - These shoes are grea (Hilmi). They are so comfortable and quite pretty. Shoes that your eyes and feet love. Delivery was really promp too.

Wendy May 2012 - Thank you very much for your email. I really do appreciate your excellent service and hope to order from you again soon.

Lesley May 2012 - Thank you for a speedy brilliant service. I'm sorry to be returning the shoes. Thank you for your help, (love the comnpany name)!

Carol May 2012 - Hello Penny Thank you so much for thinking I may want the taupe coloured shoes. I finally received the black ones on Tuesday and they are wonderful. I have tried  them with my own orthotics but I find leaving in the insoles they came with is better as mine are narrower and not as comfortable. I have irritatingly narrow and shallow feet so shoes have always been a problem so now rather than buying the taupe Theresia I am going through your products and am going to buy some trainers for everyday use, so thank you agaibn for yor excellent care. You'll be hearing from me soon.

James May 2012 - To whom it may concern, Just a small missive to let you know, I have just literally received my Sioux Shoes. I must say, what exemplary service you provide. I deal a lot with internet companies and I do wish they were all as conscientious as you are! I,m very impressed with your Customer Service, and I have no hesitation in recommending Cheerfulsoles to my friends and I will certainly use you again, when I need a new pair of shoes!! A  very impressed customer! Kind Regards, James

Thelma May 2012 - Thank you very much for my Waldlaufer sandals order, received yesterday.  I am very pleased with them and with your prompt and courteous service. I have been looking for a stockist of this make of shoe since buying a pair in Norfolk last year. They are very comfortable and being an 'E' fitting, suit me very well.  I'm pleased to have found you via the internet. Thank you. sincerely,  Thelma

Pam April 2012 -  I thought your service was marvellous.  I hope that I will be able to buy from you in the future. Pam

Anne March 2012 - Just to say a huge 'thank you' for my shoes which arrived yesterday.  I am delighted with them and shall be ordering again.  I have already written a wish list!  Again very many thanks for your quick and prompt delivery.

Katie Feb 2012 - I received the new shoes on Monday, and posted back the size 38's, that afternoon. So I hope you get them very soon. I am very happy with the shoes now. I would like to take this opportunity to say that I have been very impressed with the service that I have received from you and the efficiency in how you have dealt with the swaps, which was very swift. Many thanks - I have book marked your website, and will definantely be back. Thank you. Katie

Barbara Nov 2011 - Thanks very much. Hopefully I will order some other shoes from you not for me though but for my sister.

Jean Nov 2011 - Shoes received yesterday and they fit fine so I’ll be keeping them.   Thanks again for the excellent service!

Jean Nov 2011 - just to let you know I received the shoes today, they are great!  Thank you.  Jean

Emily Oct 2011 - Many thanks for the great and prompt customer service!

Kathleen Oct 2011 - I LOVE MY LITTLE BLACK BOOTS  THANK YOU! (Theresia M Mona Black Suede)

Laura Oct 2011 - Want to thank you very much for the prompt dispatch of my Algeria Dayna Blue Pebble shoes.  They arrived on Monday morning (a day early) and I’m very impressed.

Gill Oct 2011 - I just want to thank you for running such an efficient business, customer focused with great products.  I am a very happy customer!  Last Christmas I could barely stumble around my house because of arthritis in my feet and orthotics that are so uncomfortable that I didn't want to wear them at home - not realising that this was causing more damage and pain.  But once I discovered the Alegria range, everything changed.  Thank-you for a great range of products and the fact that you recognize that superior service is the best PR!  I've reviewed 2 products today of my recent boot purchases and placed another order! Thanks again!

Laura Oct 2011 - Thank you very much for the prompt dispatch of my Waldlaufer shoes, which I ordered on Saturday and received today, Monday.
Perfect fit.

Marion Oct 2011 -  Many thanks. The boots have already arrived this morning. All super. Thank you for fast and efficient service!

Laura - Thank you very much for the prompt dispatch of my Waldlaufer shoes, which I ordered on Saturday and received today.
Perfect fit.

Gill - I just want to thank you for running such an efficient business, customer focused with great products. I am a very happy customer! Last Christmas I could barely stumble around my house because of arthritis in my feet and orthotics that are so uncomfortable that I didn't want to wear them at home - not realising that this was causing more damage and pain. But once I discovered the Alegria range, everything changed. Thank-you for a great range of products and the fact that you recognize that superior service is the best PR! I've reviewed 2 products today of my recent boot purchases and placed another order!

Mr Leung I found your company provides friendly, efficient and professional service. I will definitely look to your company for my next purchase of Mephisto.

Looby Thankyou Kate! This is the third pair of these...incredibly comfortable shoes that I am addicted to! Please keep getting this colour if you can - it's perfect".

Nadia - Thank you very much, the new size arrived today and they're great. I'm really looking forward to wearing them!

Jean Kitchen Comment: Just to say thank you so much for the very prompt delivery and both pairs of shoes are great. I am so pleased to have found you and will certainly be ordering again for the winter.

Gillian, "Hello! I just wanted to thank you so much for your prompt delivery of the shoes which are absolutely wonderful and fit like gloves! I have arthritis in my feet and it is so problematic getting shoes that are comfortable and I am so glad I have found your website. You will be hearing from me again"

Carol, "love the range and find it is appealing to many of our patients in the podiatry department"... 

helen, "These are my first pair of pretty non hospital shoes in 15 years! I can't tell you how giddy I am. I showed them to everyone at church even the visiting speaker! Thanks for all your help.."

Penny, "…Kate,You have been amazing and oh so patient."

Andy, Leeds Podiatry Clinic, "…Your services have been very popular…"

Carolyn, "…your ‘Cheerful’ service has been second to none – and obviously you know what you are talking about – nowhere else could I find such encouraging information on a website – as you will probably well know having problem feet can seem like the end of the world – especially to one who loves shoes!!! These last few weeks of pain and frustration have made me want to have my left foot chopped off ....now I am somewhat pleased with my problem – as it has led me to you and comfy shoes that are also smart and trendy.

Kate, Just wanted to thank you for the excellent service. I ordered my Waldlaufer sandals on Friday morning and received them on Saturday morning! They fit perfectly and feel so comfortable that after trying them on on Saturday morning I didn't take them off until the evening! Thank you very much for your efficient and friendly service.

Fiona, The shoes really are marvellous! I did my school trip to London, 6 hours walking and no back pain. Brilliant! Keep me up-dated.

Morag, Many thanks for your help with getting shoes that fit. The last pair (with the inserts removed) seem fine. I will keep these Chris, Hi Jo and Kate, My shoes arrived yesterday and they are great. Sucess at last. Many thanks for your help and patience. I will order some more soon

Helen Dear Jo and Kate, After attending the Britpods conference I am delighted to have been introduced to your range of footwear. Well done you for making my life so much easier and my patients will be delighted. It was worth going to the conference just to be introduced to Cheerful soles.

Gioia, Hi Kate, The All-Rounders have arrived – perfect fit, perfect service. Will be very useful to me. Thanks, again!

Debbie Aitkin "I have to compliment your company as being the most efficient online people I have ever dealt with. You will definitely hear from me in the future! Grateful thanks,Debbie

E Burton,"Thank you very much for your message; yet again the customer service from CheerfulSoles is absolutely fantastic! You are a real pleaseure to deal with. May thanhks again for being so helpful

N Sultan"Thank you for all your advice and I will look forward to treating myself to some nice shoes from you in due course".

I Duckworth" I would like to thank you once again for your help over my difficult feet

Carole, "Very pleased with the shoes, (Alegria Shoes), very comfortable. I have problems with the ball of my right foot and for months have not been able to walk very far, but went shopping on Saturday and had the best walking day I have had for a long time due to the shape and comfort of the shoes. Thanks again for your prompt service. Will definitely recommend your online service and Alegria shoes tops, Carole".

Eileen "I can't tell you how pleased I am to have discovered Cheerful Soles and Waldlaufer in particular. I have recently taken delivery of my first Waldlaufer shoes from you as I have to wear orthotics. I am delighted with the Waldlaufer loafers - my biomechanic physio said it's the first slip on shoes he has ever seen suitable for an orthotic (mine are full size and quite deep)."

E Burton, "I wanted to let you know how delighted I am to have found your company and the shoes you sell. Having been prescribed orthotics about 3 years ago, I have been struggling ever since to find shoes which are at least moderately stylish - made all the more difficult because I have wide feet! So I can't tell you how pleased I am to have discovered Cheerful Soles and Waldlaufer in particular. All your shoes are more than moderately stylish so I can stop wearing trainers! The service I have received from you has been so efficient, helpful and friendly, from one of your staff phoning me the day after my first order to query sizes, to the emails you have sent, that I will definitely become a regular customer. Thank you Cheerful Soles!

M Green, "I am so happy with these shoes. (Theresia M Harriet Wedge). This is the first sylish shoe I have found - that fits my orthotic inserts. Also usually with shoes that have removeable soles - you usually find that under there is not another sole underneath - which can be uncomfortable if you have half orthotic inserts. But with this shoe there is a another comfortable sole underneath. The wedge is not too high - but high enough to look good with a dress/skirt. Finally they are really comfortable to wear. Thanks cheerful soles."

R Logan, "It's great to receive personal service, Thanks.

J Cumming, "Many thanks for your patient advice.

L Jones, Sussex - "Thanks for very effecient service.

Catherine Bradley "My Mephisto sandals are lovely. Very comfortable but extremely stylish. I found your customer service excellent. You were very quick to communicate when there was a small problem with my order, but my sandals arrived very promptly. I don't have problem feet, but I would certainly return to your website if I was looking for other shoes. Kind regards Catherine.

Clare Patrick - "Well I am converted!! I am currently throwing away all other shoes!! I will hang out for winter boots and am saving for the trainers! I waited a week to type and tell you how I got on and then answser is close to miraculous!!
After the first day of wearing them I woke up the following morning and for the first time in over a year my feet didnt hurt. I have to admit my arch (or lack of!) was agony for two days while it was re trained but they have been so totally comfortable since then that I prefer to wear them than be bare foot! Also within two days the swelling I get in one foot every day has decreased by at least half. I am delighted - thank you so much!
Also I was at a foot spa party this week (!) and got some many compliments on my sandals so I told them how 'special' they are and they aLL tried them on and loved them! - I have passed on your website details!! Thank you again - I'm thrilled
Warmest regards and happy feet, Clare".

Christene Edwards, "Many thanks. Have received the shoes and am delighted with them"

Ah-Lien Guest, "Just a note to say thank you for your excellent service. I ordered two pairs of Mephisto sandals (these will be my 6th & 7th pair and Birkenstocks do not compare to these) on Saturday evening and they arrived on Wednesday. I have not been able to buy the patent sandals locally and have searched the internet. Many thanks again and I will be recommending you to my friends."

Judy Robinson, "Many thanks for the shoes which arrived yesterday. What very impressive service, I only orderered them on Saturday. The shoes are excellent. I will be ordering from you again. Well done!"