Comfortable Shoes for Men at Cheerful Soles

Comfortable, practical and stylish shoes for me that support your feet and also look great. All of these shoes have specific inbuilt comfort shoe features that make them stand out as the ultimate comfortable shoe for everyday.

If you would like some help choosing your perfect Casual Shoes then please contact us by email (anytime) or ring us on 01756 753 858 (Monday - Saturday 10am till 5pm)

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  1. Joya David in Dark Blue
    Joya Mens | David, Dark Blue
  2. Panama Jack Galvin in Chestnut
    Panama Jack | Galvin, Chestnut
  3. Joya Mens Traveler Shoe in Black Leather
    Joya Mens | Traveler ll, Black
  4. Joya Peter Shoe in Black Leather
    Joya Mens | Peter, Black
  5. Joya Mens David Shoe in Dark Brown
    Joya Mens | David, Dark Brown
  6. Joya Flash Trainer in Black
    Joya Mens | Flash Trainer, Black
    Sale Price £129.95 £159.95
  7. Joya David in Coffee Bean
    Joya Mens | David, Coffee Bean
  8. Joya Mens Cancun in Brown
    Joya Mens | Cancun Brown
  9. Joya David in Broke Brown, side
    Joya Mens | David, Brown
  10. Joya David in Black, Side
    Joya Mens | David, Black
    Sale Price £79.95 £159.95
  11. Joya Mens Cancun in Dark Shadow, side
    Joya Mens | Cancun Dark Shadow
    Sale Price £89.95 £174.95
  12. Joya havanna in Blue
    Joya Mens | Havanna, Navy
  13. Joya Mens Cancun Dark Navy
    Joya Mens | Cancun Dark Navy
  14. Joya IQ ESD Shoe in White
    Joya Mens | IQ ESD M, White
  15. Joya Mens Caesar in Black
    Joya Mens | Caesar Lace Up Shoe, Black
    Sale Price £104.95 £149.95
  16. Joya Tony Trainer Shoe in Slate
    Joya Mens | Tony Trainer Shoe, Slate
    Sale Price £114.95 £159.95
  17. Joya mens Innsbruck in Brown & Orange
    Joya Mens | Innsbruck Low PTX, Orange and Brown
    Sale Price £85.00 £154.95
  18. Joya mens Fisherman Sandal Shoe in Black
    Joya Mens | Fisherman, Mens Velcro Sandal, Black
    Sale Price £69.95 £139.95
  19. Tony Trainer Shoe in Safari
    Joya Mens | Tony Trainer Shoe, Safari
    Sale Price £114.95 £159.95
  20. Panama Shoe in Brown Leather
    Panama Jack | Panama Shoe, Brown
  21. Joya Mens, Tony Trainer Shoe
    Joya Mens | Tony Trainer Shoe, Night
    Sale Price £80.00 £149.95
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41 Items

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