Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists cause a stir about Ballerina style Pumps

Well the Society for Chiropodists & Podiatrists (lets call the the SCP from now on), have definitely set the cat amongst the pigeons with their article on the "Perils of Ballet Fashion". Following the release of the film "Black Swan" the SCP published an article summarising the potential foot problems that can arise from wearing Ballet type pumps on a day to day basis. Read the full Article

So what to the SCP say about Ballet Pumps

In the article they state that like Pointe Ballet shoes, Ballet Fashione Pumps also offer little to no support to the foot, causing increased pressure on the joints in the lower body. Because these shoes contain no strap to support the foot and keep it in place, it also means toes are likely to claw in order to keep the foot in the shoe"....

Advice from The SCP for "Ballet Fashionistas"

  • ~Consider wearing shoes with a strap or lace over the instep rather than slip-ons.  This will help stop your foot sliding forward, a bit like a seatbelt in a car
  • ~Choose shoes with a toe box that is high enough and wide enough to comfortably fit, either rounded or square shaped, not point
  • ~Footwear should have a firm thick heel to help with shock absorption and a supportive arch to keep the foot in place
  • ~Vary your shoe type and heel heights from day to day, avoiding wearing either extreme – flat or very high - on a frequent basis. For everyday use, it’s ideal to keep your heel height to 3cm
  • ~Always wear the right shoe for the job. Not all foot problems can be prevented but a large majority of problems do result or are exacerbated from incorrect or poor footwear. If you are going to be active then wear a low heeled supportive shoe, but heels are fine to don if it’s for a special occasion

The Daily Mail reports on comfortable and stylish footwear following SCP Article

Referring rather cheekily to the SCP as the "Foot Police" and "Spoil Sports" Daily Mail reporter Lydia Slater set out to put some more well known comfort brands to the test. Fit Flop, Hotter and Barrats did not fair well. What a pity Lydia hasn't heard of the brands that we sell to fashionistas of all ages who want comfort and style in equal measure. At Cheerfulsoles we think that there is a time and a place for pumps and killer heels in everyone's lives, BUT if you constantly wear one or the other all the time then you may find yourself developing footpain or joint pain in other areas of the body (calves and back mainly). Best then to take the advice of the SCP and vary the height of the shoes that you wear everyday and keep the killer killer heels for those nights out when anything else simply won't do!

Check out our stylish selection of pumps that would leave you and your Podiatrist with a smile on your faces and a spring in your step!

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