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Don't worry this is not one of those blogs! We thought that we would give you the low down on the new foot beauty treatment that is sweeping the nation. Yes, Garra Rufa Fish Spas have arrived in the Yorkshire Dales and we are loving it!

What on earth is a Fish Spa?

As strange as it sounds this beauty treatment involves you sitting down and having a good old natter with friend while 100s of little fish literally eat the dead skin on your feet, ankle and legs (up to the below the knee)!! You sit on a comfy seat and lower your legs into tanks where they remain suspended in the water for the fish to get at. You can get on with important things like reading a book, the newspaper or chat with friends. What's even better is that there is no need to be embarassed about your feet as it's not as if the fish care what state they are in!

The Turkish Kangal Garra Rufa Fish is also known as the "Doctor Fish" and "Little Dermatologist". It has been used for centuries to help people with skin problems such as Psoriasis and Eczema. The fish are experts at removing only the dead skin cells which then allows the natural healing process to take place. We are told that what sets the Turkish Garra Rufa Fish apart from others is that it releases an enzyme called Dithranol, which, it is claimed is said to be more beneficial in the heling process of human skin. This is the seek and destroy weapon in the fight against skin complaints and dead skin. Don't worry though, no teeth are involved, they use suction to nibble at nd remove dead skin, (well that makes me feel better)!

What is it like?

Tried and tested by our very own Penny who reports back that is was brilliant, but the fish may need more than one 'sitting' to get the full benefit if you're trying to reduce patches of Psoriasis or Eczema. It was all very civilised and relaxed and though Penny was a little nervous when first lowering her feet into the tank and says,

"it was like a fizzy feeling on my feet, not quite pins and needles but you soon get used to it and they really do get into all the nooks and crannies".

Would you recommend this treatment to a friend?

Yes, definitely! So on the back of that I am going to book myself in!!! I have Psoriasis patches on my legs which I am embarrassed about, only fresh air and sunshine have managed to have any impact on so far. I will let you know if the fish have any effect once I have been.

Where can I get it done?

Penny went to a local Fish Spa in Skipton, North Yorkshire called Dr Rufa. You will probably be able to find a local spa in your area and there is at least one chain of spas with plenty of locations called Appy Feet. If you try it out make sure you let  us know how you got on.

By Jo, CheerfulSoles