Comfortable shoes for work

Buying shoes for a particular activity is never easy and if your job calls for you to be on your feet for long periods, you’ll be only to aware how important it is to choose that will provide day-long comfort.

When we’re working our feet are at rarely at rest and if even if your job is a desk job, you probably spend more time on your feet than you realise. Working feet sometimes cover as much as 15 miles each day and when you take into account your journey to walk and moving around the work place, it surprising how much work your feet do!

Alongside how much time you spend on your feet at work you’ll also need to take into account your working conditions. Do you work outside or is the majority of your working day spent indoors? Do your feet get cold? Do you need shoes with non-slip soles? Don’t forget to keep these things in mind when you’re choosing a new pair!

Flats or heels?

So once you’ve thought about your working day, what’s the best style to choose? This is largely down to personal taste but it does go without saying that for the majority of us, high heels will be a no-no, especially if you have to stand for long period. If you really want to wear a heel, mid-height wedges or mid-height shoes with a chunky heel can prove to be a good compromise.

Flats are generally the most sensible option if you have to stand for long periods and by looking for shoes with specially designed comfort soles, you’ll find that your feet feel much better at the end of the day. Comfort shoe manufacturers use a wide range of specially designed comfort features including cushioned removable insoles, cushioned soles and adjustable straps and by opting for a well-known comfort shoe brand such as Alegria or Mephisto, you’re likely to find that they’re a much better option for work than ‘standard’ shoes.

Stylish shoes can be comfortable too

When it comes to finding comfortable shoes for work, here at Cheerful Soles we believe that there’s no reason they have to look ordinary or boring! Our entire collection has been carefully chosen with style AND comfort in mind, so why not browse through our range? Don’t forget that if you’re having trouble finding the right pair we’d be more than happy to help!