Lots of you want to know what the key features and benefits of the Joya shoes categories are. So we thought we'd suumarise them for you here. Joya produce a rocker sole shoe - MOTION alongside their core sole range - EMOTION.

Joya Motion - Active Walking and Standing

Joya Motion is a rocker sole available in mens abd ladies styles which promotes an increased heel to toe and side to side balance due to the height and shape of the rocker sole. The curved rocker bottom encourages a natural roll off for the foot which may be beneficial for people with arthritis or hallux rigidus. The Motion range was developed to mimic active walking and standing in deep sand.

Joya Emotion - Stress Free Walking and Standing

The Joya Emotion promotes stability for everyday comfort and walking thanks to the flatter sole, whilst providing so soft cushioning which you feel instantly. Insoles are removable and so this range may be suitable for people who wear orthotics (especially the WAVE range with multiple removable insoles). The Emotion range was developed to mimic the joyful walking in firmer sand (think along the shore line) to enable a gentle walking movement.
The benefits of the Joya Motion and Emotion range Joya Emotion rocker sole shoes