We are really excited to tell you that we have introduced a new brand into the CheerfulSoles family.

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Paul Green, quick overview
Paul Green shoes are a balance of attractive design and comfortable fit. Paul Green was founded on the notion that a shoe is not a shoe unless it meets the highest standards of both visual appeal and a perfect fit. Unfortunately, many companies have sacrificed function for form, but not Paul Green. Finding the perfect fit is not only central to every shoe that Paul Green makes? it is an obsession. Read more about the Paul Green brand

Paul Green Black Patent Pump £98

Paul Green Black Patent Pump

Recommended for the following Problem Feet

  • Arch Pain - All Paul Green shoes have leather sock linings and long leather counters, these support the instep and the arch of your foot ensuring maximum comfort.
  • Arthtitis - They have a good, supportive insole with a nice arch support and the edge of the shoes have a material edging so the leather won't "dig in" when worn.
  • Bunions - Deep toe box that shouldn't cut across any enlarged joints or bunions

More Paul Green arrivals throughout 2010

Our first Paul Green arrival is a smart and elegant Black Patent Pump, we have more styles arriving for Autumn / Winter this year so watch this space. If you would like to be informed when new Paul Green shoes arrive then please send us a quick mail or sign up to receive our free newslter on the CheerfulSoles home page.