Are you worried about the possibility of swollen feet during your pregnancy this Summer

Don't worry relief is at hand, and it won't mean sacrificing your sense of style or fun during the summer months. We all know that pregnancy can cause havoc with our bodies and particularly towards the 3rd trimester you may be experiencing symptoms like heart burn, aching back and swollen feet, to name but a few. Though we can't do much to help with the heart burn (except to say that personally I found liquid gaviscon worked a treat), we can help with your feet during pregnancy, whether you are experiencing sensitive feet, swollen feet or from a practical aspect have difficulty putting footwear on!

What to look for in your Footwear during Pregnancy

Comfort is key when you are pregnant and you don’t have to look out for special pregnancy shoes to achieve it. Good quality and comfortable shoes are essential so we have put together this simple checklist of things to look for when choosing your perfect shoes for pregnancy:

  • ~If your job requires you to wear heels, try a lower heel (up to 4cms) or wear flatter shoes with a good arch support.
  • ~If you are suffering from swollen feet during pregnancy, look out for comfortable shoes that can expand with your feet, with either velcro or laces that you can adjust throughout the day to get a perfect fit.
  • ~If you suffer from arch pain and think that your foot arches seem to be ‘falling’, look for shoes with arch support.
  • ~If you continue to experience excessive pain in your feet during pregnancy mention it to your midwife as you may find that you would benefit from a visit to the Podiatrist who may prescribe the use of an orthotic insert for additional cushioning and support.

Tips to help with foot pain and swollen feet during pregnancy

  • ~If you get the chance, try to sit with your legs elevated as often as possible, during breaks use another chair to rest your feet on.
  • ~The use of cooling foot gels, foot spas and regular bathing of the feet, followed by wearing open toed shoes when able will help to keep feet feeling cool and refreshed.
  • ~Keep on top of the additional stress put on your feet during pregnancy, hard skin and nails could be dealt with either by a willing partner, or by a professional foot care specialist, treat yourself, you deserve it!

Our Top 3 styles for Pregnancy this Summer

Mephisto Helen Sandal £55, Our best selling sandal from Mephisto, Cushioned Nubuck Footbed for Ultimate comfort, Good Arch Support and a toepost that won't hurt your toes! 
Mephisto Helen Sandal
Alegria Clog £81, A great choice for most feet. This Funky and Stylish shoe from Alegria will enable you to keep feet cool and dry. They are wide and a good deep fit with a rocker sole unit for comfort when Walking.
Alegria Classic Clog
Theresia M Wedge £99, Another one of our best sellers and a great choice if you need to wear a heel for work as this has a 4cm wedge heel. It has a wide and deep fit with a removable insole if you need a bit of extra room for swollen feet throughout the day.
Theresia M Shoes

Thanks for reading, if you have any tips for feet during pregnancy please share them with us below.