Where are we?

Here we are at the annual Conference for Chiropodists and Podiatrists in Bournemouth and once again our footwear range is going down a storm. Along with our friends from Alegria and Fidelio we are manning our respective stands with a cheery Yorkshire smile.

What is it all about

Every year the Society for Chriropodists and Podiatrists organise a 3 day conference where professionals can get together and share key learning and advancements in the Podiatry field. All medical professionals need to demonstrate their continual professional development and this conference with talks from peers, medical equipment suppliers  and patients alike goes towards helping them to achieve this.

We are getting stuck in!

As well as showing off our shoes, our footwear is also taking part in one of the many workshops on offer to Podiatrists, The Footwear Fitting Workshop which is being facilitated by two Senior Podiatrists . Here people are getting back to basics by understanding what footwear can work well with the kind of orthotics that they prescribe on a daily basis. We are pleased to say that all of our shoes that we describe as being orthotic friendly on the website are going down really well.

I will post pictures and give a round-up of our time at the conference next week. It's back to the conference for me know. Over and out - Jo, CheerfulSoles

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