Check out the Herki Walking Sandal by Waldlaufer

We love this sandal and judging by how quickly it's flying off the shelf - so do our customers. You can't beat a classic comfortable walking sandal that you can wear all day long and this striking colour way is sure to get you noticed for all the right reasons.

Customers come back time and again for Waldlaufer Sandals

Customers who come back time and time again for Waldlaufer Sandals are looking for good supportive sandals that they can adjust for a perfect fit. A comfortable walking sandal that not only loos good but feels great when worn for longer periods of time. The Waldlaufer Herki Sandal is a great choice for a walking sandal for your summer holidays.

A Perfect Fit Every Time

This comfortable ladies sandal adjusts at 3 key pointsl; across the toes, over the foot and around the ankle to ensure that you are able to secure a perfect fit every time and adjust as your feet swell or contract during the day.

Removable Insoles!

What's more ,  you can even take out the removable insoles, and many of our customers do, so that they can wear their own custom orthotic

See for Yourself!

We have put together a virtual try on channel  in You Tube where you can view what this and other shoes and sandals in our collections look like.


[caption id="attachment_970" align="alignnone" width="200"]Waldlaufer Herki Virtual Try On Click to play this virtual try on[/caption]