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 Cheerful Soles are proud to be a recommended Joya Online Shop. Our collection of stylish mens Joya Shoes. Experience the comfort of Joya footwear for yourself. Let your feet sink into the unique Joya footbed for a walking experience like no other. The so soft supple sole provides instant cushioning and support for your feet. Please Note - Due to trade licenses and agreements, we are unable to process orders we receive for Joya footwear from customers who do not reside within the UK or Ireland.

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  1. Joya Peter Shoe in Black Leather
    Joya Mens | Peter, Black
  2. Joya Mens David Shoe in Dark Brown
    Joya Mens | David, Dark Brown
  3. Joya David in Coffee Bean
    Joya Mens | David, Coffee Bean
  4. Joya David in Broke Brown, side
    Joya Mens | David, Brown
  5. Joya Mens Traveler Shoe in Black Leather
    Joya Mens | Traveller ll, Black
  6. Joya Flash Trainer in Black
    Joya Mens | Flash Trainer, Black
    Sale Price £129.95 £159.95
  7. Joya Mens Cancun in Brown
    Joya Mens | Cancun Brown
  8. Joya Mens Cancun Dark Navy
    Joya Mens | Cancun Dark Navy
  9. Joya IQ ESD Shoe in White
    Joya Mens | IQ ESD M, White
  10. Joya havanna in Blue
    Joya Mens | Havanna, Navy
  11. Joya Mens Capri Sandal in Grey
    Joya Mens | Capri Mens Sandal, Grey
    Sale Price £69.95 £139.95
  12. Joya Tony Trainer Shoe in Slate
    Joya Mens | Tony Trainer Shoe, Slate
    Sale Price £114.95 £159.95
  13. Tony Trainer Shoe in Safari
    Joya Mens | Tony Trainer Shoe, Safari
    Sale Price £114.95 £159.95
  14. Joya David in Black, Side
    Joya Mens | David, Black
    Sale Price £79.95 £159.95
  15. Joya Mens Cancun in Dark Shadow, side
    Joya Mens | Cancun Dark Shadow
    Sale Price £89.95 £174.95
  16. Joya Mens Caesar in Black
    Joya Mens | Caesar Lace Up Shoe, Black
    Sale Price £104.95 £149.95
  17. Joya Mens Max ll Sandal in Brown
    Joya Mens | Max ll Mule Sandal, Brown
    Sale Price £109.95 £134.95
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40 Items

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