We have customers in our sister shop "Helen Midgley" who suffer from painful foot problems and we successfully fit them with shoes that look good and feel great. Comfortable shoes don't have to look ugly and unflattering and we wanted to regularly share with you some of our fitting experiences, hoping that they will help you to find the right shoe for you.

To kick us off we are starting with what to look out for when searching for shoes for rheumatoid arthritis. We see this condition time and again and completely empathise with those who are suffering and searching for shoes. Quite often people who suffer from this painful condition also have swollen and deformed toe joints, making the search for comfortable shoes that more difficult. You can find out more about this painful condition by clicking here>>


What Fits well for Swollen and deformed toe joints, commonly associated with Arthritic Feet?


We were fitting a lady with shoes in our sister shop, "Helen Midgleys" in Grassington last week who had this problem and we are pleased to say that she left the shop extremely happy and with two new pairs of stylish shoes in spite of her problem feet. So what did she buy?

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Both of the shoes above are suitable if you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, our top tips for buying shoes for this condition are:


Look for a square and roomy toe box

This shape of toe box will accommodate the spread of your toes and any swollen joints more easily that a toe box that is rounded.


Removable Insoles

In addition to the square toe box, a removable insole will give you extra depth where you need it most. Often we have ladies (an gentlemen) who only have a problem with one of their feet and have been buying shoes that are too big. With a removable insole you need only remove the insole from the shoe that will be accommodating your problem foot making for a more comfortable fit for both feet.


Secure Fastening

It goes without saying that feet slipping in shoes further exacerbates pain in swollen joints so having a secure lace, Velcro ore elastic fastening across the foot will give you more comfort as the shoe is held securely on the foot with no rubbing or slipping.


Now you know what to look for, take a look at more stylish comfort shoes that look good and feel great on our website. Click Here>>