I was reading an article online published by the Vancouver Sun (of all papers) as it got me to thinking about when it is that we start to think that comfort is just as important as style?

Who wears comfortable shoes?

Luckily for us 2 of our brands were mentioned in the article, one of them long established with Cheerful Soles, Mephisto Shoes and the other our new coming soon brand, Think! Shoes. According to the Vancouver Sun, people who wear Mephisto and Think! are in their 30s and 40s and this I think corresponds to the age where most of us identify, or at least acknowledge, that we have a foot problem. Around 70% of Britons will experience foot pain at some point in their life and a significant number of us suffer from painful foot conditions that arise from wearing ill fitting shoes (whether they are too point, too high, too wide, too big or too small). I know that when I reached my 30s I also started a family and so comfortable footwear has been a necessity to keep up with two young boys ever since. Unlike celebrity mums I don't have many occasions to 'go out' in my heels regulalry and the appearence of the comfort shoe in my wardrobe has been on the increase ever since.

Comfortable Shoes, not Ugly Shoes

Lets be clear here, I wear comfortable shoes, not ugly shoes, it's just that I am avoinding shoe charateristics like toe cleavage, heels higher than 5cms, uncushioned footbeds and pointed fronts and shoes that look like they will fall apart in 2 months. Now I look for a pump that will cover the toe joint and provide more support (not the over-spilling look that low fronted pumps eventually lead to). I look for natural materials and cushioned footbeds with a good arch support not completey flat shoes with a sole the width of a few pieces of paper. Lots of shoes manufacturers are waking up and understanding that a lot of us are fed up of sore feet and cheap shoes that provide little or no support. Brands like Geox are applying the comfort technology that they are well known for in the childrens footwear industry into stylish ranges for men and women. Alegria have developed a range of footwear that was originally produced for nursing staff in the United states and grown the brand into an extrememtly successful comfort shoe brand that is quirky and individual and growing in popularity in the UK.

My Favourite Comfortable Shoes

Geox Stafany Pump
Geox Stefany

Alegria Classic Clog
Alegria Classic Clog

Mephisto Helen Sandal
Mephisto Helen Sandal

I consider all three an essential part of my summer wardrobe, The Alegria Clog is a great casual shoe that will cope with our UK showers and looks great with cropped or skinny jeans. My Black Geox Pumps are a must have item and go  with absolutely everthing. And when the sun is out then you won't find me in anything other than one of my 4 pairs of Mephisto Helen Sandals. The arch support and cushioned nubuck insol has to be worn to be belived!

So, are you the right age for comfort?